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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

KIK Coffee Delivering More Than Just Your Average Cuppa Joe


KIK Coffee Delivering More Than Just Your Average Cuppa Joe

Michaela McGrath

Yesterday saw the launch of Adelaide’s first youth social enterprise coffee shop, KIK Coffee. KIK is a revolutionary concept aiming to fight the cycle of disadvantaged youth in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs. With 15 Adelaide youngsters already on board, and an innovative “coffee Uber” concept to service the local Westfield population, it is set to be a huge success.

The café is the latest project founded by Inspired Buy CEO, Louise Nobes as part of the Dream Big entrepreneurship program. Motivated by young people and concerned that the Adelaide Northern suburbs have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Louise hatched the plan to create a positive and lasting impact. With support from Westfield and a hardworking group of youths dedicated to the cause, Monday’s opening saw the culmination of 8 months of hard work.


Launching in Westfield Tea Tree Plaza Plus, KIK has been successful in engaging young people in entrepreneurship and innovation through the muse of coffee. Focusing primarily on change rather than competitive motives, the program is already instilling confidence and skills to last a life time. A “coffee Uber” aspect to the shop was actually developed by those within the shop, with the young people identifying a gap in the market of hard working staff who have relatively short breaks. A prime example of the business savvy mindset being encouraged by KIK. The idea is sure to take off, especially considering KIK’s own, delicious coffee roast thanks to a collaboration with Adelaide-based Monastery Roasters.

The program sees young people with a range of experiences from homelessness or family violence to mental illness or social exclusion. Those same youths have now collectively had an 80% attendance rate over the last 8 months and together have designed and managed every piece of the shop. From the brand development and shop design to the menu and all important coffee roast, they have been there every step of the way and the effects are overwhelmingly positive.

“KIK coffee has changed my life for the better it’s given me the confidence that I can get out in the world, talk to people and make new friends. I’ve learned things I never thought possible and I am really looking forward to my future,” says 18-year-old Jay Scott of his bright prospects in collaboration with KIK.

It’s obvious that giving young people a chance to shine is already going down extremely well, and with plans for more KIK coffee shops in the future we can’t wait to see where these young people go next.

Photos via KIK Coffee Facebook Page


Where? Tea Tree Plus (next to ToysRUs), Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

When? Monday – Saturday, 8AM – 4.30PM