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Seth Sentry + Remi Take On A Sold Out Gov


Seth Sentry + Remi Take On A Sold Out Gov

Harrison Schultz

Selling out a show is one thing, but pleasing the crowd of that sold out show is a whole other ball game... and damn, Seth Sentry plays hard.

Seth Sentry’s 1969 Campaign Tour made its 11th stop last Saturday night in Adelaide at The Gov. Having played a bunch of shows in Adelaide over the years, it’s become pretty obvious that Seth has a huge following from a range of different people. Whether it was their shape, size, colour or style, this night they all had one thing in common, they were god damn keen for a little Seth Sentry.

Before anyone was going to get the chance to see Seth however, it was Melbournian hip hop artist Remi and musical counterpart Sensible J’s turn to take the stage. In case you’ve somehow forgotten these guys, check this little tune out for a quick reminder.

Ring a bell? Because it should. This song received a thrashing on Triple J a few years back! If Remi is meant to have 'warmed' the crowd up, then unfortunately he didn't do his job at all. He completely lit the crowd up and killed it. Playing to what seemed like most of the crowd who entered for the night, his set was given 110% from beginning to end. It surely won't be long till we see huge headlining tours from him.

As Remi left the stage, the bar lines extended, beer glasses filled and the waiting began. The stage crew changed the setup and then we were ever so closer to the main event. When he hit the stage, Seth Sentry gave it all and held nothing back.

After the first few songs it was clear, the show was going to be great, but which songs would he play? Pretty much everything anyone could ask for. There couldn't have been many, if any, that we wanted but missed out on. The crowd was ever so close to drowning Seth himself out when The Waitress Song started to play, prompting You guys could sing this one yourself, you've done it that many times, before jumping into the song as energetically as ever.

Drawing to the close of a great show, it looked as though Seth was going to be walked off stage without much of an encore, rather just a small DJ set plug about the show. But then, parting the crowd like the Moses of hip hop and grabbing a beer from the sound man, he headed back to stage and it wasn't long before he jumped right into the tour title song, 1969.

As it all finished up, the sound of stoked voices came from everywhere. People having conversations about how much they loved the show, even throughout the tram whilst riding back to the city, people kept chatting. To be honest, this had to be one of the highlights from the show. Despite how much shit might have been happening in the world, this show brought out the happiness in everyone.

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All images by Harrison Schultz.