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REVIEW: 'Rumours' @ The Producers Bar


REVIEW: 'Rumours' @ The Producers Bar

Jemma Boyd

As part of Adelaide's Umbrella Winter City Sounds, three local acts got together at The Producers Bar to pay tribute to the incredible music of Fleetwood Mac, and in particular their groundbreaking album Rumours. The sold out event had die-hards covering every seat in the beer garden, which already has a delightful 70’s décor, with bottles of wine being generously passed around.

The modern image of Stevie Nicks herself, singer-songwriter Alice Haddy was first up to the plate. Haddy gently lured in the audience, most of them feeling the buzz from the first wine of the night, and gave her own spin on Fleetwood’s more melancholy tunes such as Landslide, Dreams and Songbird, as well as throwing in one of her original songs for good measure. Haddy’s stunning vocals and emotive performance left the crowd with smiles all round, with the line for the bar slowly thinning and those couches getting comfier with every song.

Upcoming folk artist Connor Jolly gave us a taste of Never Going Back Again and possibly his whole family followed, after giving a sneak attack earlier in the night with a sound check of Don’t Stop. Jolly introduced the ensemble, including his Dad, his sister, his uncle and his Dad’s work friend. The playful nature of the band soon transferred to the audience, and soon those couches were abandoned as everyone leap to their feet. To my left was a group of Mums up on a table, to my right was an elderly couple slow-dancing together, and I was just straight up losing my shit as soon as they started playing Everywhere.

I was starting to wonder how the third set, Koral & The Goodbye Horses, was going to match up to such blissful vibes, but in no way did they disappoint. Koral herself showed up with ripping vocals and the band navigated through the Fleetwood Mac catalogue like it was their own. The band seamlessly taking the crowd on a journey from Go Your Own Way to Rhiannon, and finally taking us home with an anthemic rendition of The Chain, Koral & The Goodbye Horses were the perfect fit for a night of classics and a crowd that knew them by heart.  

You can check out what's on for the final week of Umbrella Winter City Sounds here, or on their Facebook page.

Header image via Alice Haddy, taken by Allison Croft Photography