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 Alex Lloyd In Adelaide? Amazing.


Alex Lloyd In Adelaide? Amazing.

Caitlin Tait

Alex Lloyd – the genius behind ‘Amazing’ – is coming to our fine city touring his latest album, ‘Acoustica’.

While it may seem like you haven’t heard much of the Australian musician, he’s certainly been around. As well as choosing to work more behind the scenes for the last few years, he’s also released two independent albums in the last seven years. And raising a family. Very busy.

A classic from 'Rolling Stone Australia' in 2002.   Image via Alex Lloyd's Facebook page.

A classic from 'Rolling Stone Australia' in 2002.

Image via Alex Lloyd's Facebook page.

As well as tackling his own iconic songs, Lloyd also does his take on Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. Although it may seem like a cover that is close to overdone, it won’t hesitate to give you goosebumps. Lloyd’s incredible (and haunting) voice combined with the strings in the recording are a match made in heaven.

And as for his renditions of his own songs, Lloyd’s remake of 'Amazing' is just that. Amazing. On an almost-Spring day, his new album is one you’ll want on repeat.

Lloyd told Kathy McCabe at News Corp:

I wanted some of these songs to sound like I was singing at your house at 3am or 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, sitting around and playing guitar, drinking some wine and a string quartet suddenly appears in the corner.”

That sounds like bliss.

Here’s a taste of his new stuff.

Alex is starting up his Australia-wide tour in September, and is coming to The Norwood Live Hotel on the 5th of October and it isn’t one to miss. Get your hands on tickets here – and soon.

'Acoustica' is out now.


WHAT: Alex Lloyd’s ‘Acoustica’ National Tour

WHERE: The Norwood Live Hotel

WHEN: 5th of October, 8pm


Header image via News Corp.