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5 Reasons The Road Trip To Newy Is Worth It


5 Reasons The Road Trip To Newy Is Worth It

Harrison Schultz

Jumping on a plane, and reaching your destination in a couple of hours (if you’re flying domestic) is always easy, but it’s boring as bat shit, and what story do you have to tell for it? “Oh, I was served a packet of dried out apple and the bloke behind me pressed his feet so hard into my seat all flight that there’s a chance they’re now embedded in my spine.” Nah, fuck that. If you’re gonna travel somewhere in Australia and have the spare time on your hands, why not road trip it? Feel like you need an excuse to road trip somewhere? How does Newcastle sound? Let us give you a couple reasons why you should do it.


Like I mentioned above, flying to places is quick and easy but not much fun. Road trips have a tendency to create stories you’re not going to forget anytime soon. Exhibit A: One poorly time road trip led a certain group of people, possibly including the writer to staying in a random town one night. 3am, several beverages and half the caravan park awake and the group was now drifting towards the middle of the bay in a blow up raft. Besides stories like this, even the bad days driving through the country side beat the average days at work.


Depending on the route you take the Adelaide – Newcastle drive is around 1,526 kilometres. So according to google maps, that will take around 16 and half hours to drive. Seeing as once you’ve driven there, you have to get back somehow, our best game plan? Take your time on the way over, make a bunch of stops and see what’s around. Then, when you finally hit the east coast of Oz, spend a day or two checking it all out, taking in the amazing scenery and weather. Which brings me to the next point…

Image: Jordan Tito


The mid-east coast of Australia has some pretty incredible weather. Sure its starting to warm up in Adelaide, but a more constant temperature means you’re usually pretty safe to choose any day at random and it’ll be fine to do whatever the hell you please.


Following on from point 3, the fourth point I’ve gotta make is there are so many things you can do when it's great weather. And great weather brings out the ‘whether’; whether you should do this, or that, or maybe both. Of course hanging around Newy you could have a day sesh on the beers at one of the pubs, a wine tour around the hunter valley, tan on the beach, hit the surf, go for a quad bike sand dune adventure? Or maybe just take a dip in the ocean baths. Basically there's something to do no matter who you are.


The final and the biggest, if not the best reason to head to Newcastle? This That festival is returning to Newcastle this November and its gon' be big.

Yep, this big.

To put this all simply, taking a road trip from Adelaide to Newcastle this November would involve: a great road trip, the opportunity to relax and get away from the city and enjoy the scenery, create new memories and stories and then you'd get to party an entire day and night away; being entertained by the likes of Ball Park Music, Hermitude, Peking Duk, SAFIA and more. Whats not to love?

Tickets to This That are selling fast, but if you're feeling like its time to treat yo'self click write HERE to grab a ticket before it's too late.

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Header image by Jordan Tito