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Skegss @ Rocket


Skegss @ Rocket

Jason Katsaras

Last Thursday along with Stork and Dumb Punts,  Byron Bay trailblazers Skegss, graced us with their tunes at Rocket Bar. First though, we have to congratulate all the bands on pulling together an exceptional crowd full of people who all just wanted to have a good time.

First up, local legends Stork warmed up the crowd early, starting the first of many mosh pits for the night. Having been gigging around for a little while now, a lot of their songs are recognised and loved by punters. 'Maggie is a Jack Russell' and 'Best Friend' particularly get the crowd up and about. We honestly can't fault what was a ripper set. Dumb Punts then took the stage in full force. Their unique 'shed rock' style got them going hard for the whole set. The chorus-centric 'Chiller' was as fun as it was cathartic with its 'Miss You' lyric.

Lastly, the Skegss boys came out. Having never been to Adelaide, the anticipation for these guys was huge. Their beachy, laidback songwriting has given them quite the reputation, as one of Australia's most exciting bands. Added to this, their latest EP 'Everyone Is Good At Something' did not disappoint. With tracks ranging from thrashy (and fucking awesome) 'New York California' to the sad and heartfelt 'Stranger', Benny, Toby and Jonny killed it.

Skegss are currently one of the few bands going around that can encapsulate and bring to life some of the trivialities and emotions of modern life, in a fun and catchy way. Their live show was incredible, with the sheer energy of the crowd being almost overwhelming for the trio (and their power boards). Not a single lyric was solely sung by the band. As well as being some of the nicest fellas around, Skegss honestly deserve all the hype they have been getting. Their thrashy heartfelt gems of songs are welcome back in Adelaide anytime (please come back guys).


All Photos by Jason Katsaras