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The 2016 Garage Sale Trail


The 2016 Garage Sale Trail

Rachel Darling

Get ready to pop some tags y’all — but forget about thrift shops for just a second, because garage sales are where it’s at! The Australia-wide Garage Sale Trail is coming to Adelaide again this year, and it’s set to be bigger, better and mustier than ever before.

In it’s 6th year, the Garage Sale Trail will be taking place on the 22nd October for 2016, and is estimated to have over 10,000 garage sales involved. You can sign up your garage-turned-rummaging-heaven as part of the event for free, and your treasures will be joining around 2 million pre-loved gems for sale across the country.

garage sale trail 2016

While the day is a great opportunity for people to sell their unwanted stuff, the team behind the Garage Sale Trail insists that it has more meaning than that. The concepts behind garage sales not only encourage recycling and fulfil the dreams of retro-hunters, they also bring communities together, giving people the opportunity to chat to their local people, get dressed up, pull out the deck chairs and enjoy the day (BBQ’s never go astray, either).

Despite it’s focus on the love of items from yesteryear, the Garage Sale Trail have upped their technology game this year. Not only can your dusty old garage have it’s very on profile page on the website, but as a shopper you can create your own online trail, customised to lead you to the things that you are hoping to find across Adelaide. Think of it like Pokémon Go... only less Pokémons and more real-life dusty goldmines.

garage sale trail 2016

What started in one suburb over 6 years ago is now a national day of community bonding, recycling and “omg” moment garage sale finds. So get your haggling lines ready — The Garage Sale Trail is coming! 

For more details, to register your garage or to create your own treasure trail, visit the website at:

Images via: The Garage Sale Trail