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Interview: Hockey Dad


Interview: Hockey Dad

Jason Katsaras

To mark the release of their debut album 'Boronia' on August 12, Wollongong sensations Hockey Dad are hitting the road, travelling to all the major cities over two weekends. The pair have just released the second single “Jump The Gun”, another effortlessly sun-drenched affair dripping in garage and surf rock influences. 

It's well known you guys don’t mind a surf, have you had any time to surf while your touring?

Zach: Only time we’ve been surfing is when we’ve been home these days, we went for a few surfs on the Kooks and Spoofs tour but other than that you’re pretty much busy all day and your pretty far from the beach in most places.

Will Russ Cobbah be making an appearance in Adelaide? 

I don’t know yet, We’ll see it’s a bit of pain in the ass to take the shorts and the hat everywhere, maybe at the Sydney show, it’s a very spontaneous thing when he comes out [laughs] its never pre-planned.

Yeah you can’t control it…

 Yeah he comes out of nowhere when your not expecting it.

We’ve seen that you guys have participated in dry July, how’s that been, any signs of caving? 

Nah it's been going pretty well, I thought it would be harder than it is actually and we’ve only got like five days to go. It has been much easier than I thought it would be. I think also because we haven’t been playing any shows and we’ve just been hanging out at home it's been heaps easier not to drink.  If we were on tour, I don’t think I’d be able to do it.

When the Dreamin EP first came out you guys were relatively young, we’ve heard in previous interviews that Billy was just 18 - so do you think in the past couple of years you’ve grown into the industry a bit? 

Um I guess you have to being in it for a couple of years. Maybe not matured but just getting used to doing it every week and being a part of it. Getting old has definitely helped us learn a bit more about the industry.

Now I know a lot of bands test out songs live before releasing them, have you had the chance to do that with songs that will be on Boronia?

Yeah we tested a few out a while ago, but I’d say the US shows will be the biggest tester, but I mean the album is already coming out anyway. Early on when we first started writing them we were doing a bit of testing because we’d written them and we didn’t have a full plan of how we were going to record them, so it was more so that we were just waiting to record them so we would have the album fully done before we would test them… if that makes sense [laughs]

So when was the new album written? 

Most of the album was written early last year, because we recorded it about this time last year, and we did 6 months of writing. But a couple of the songs are a little bit older.

That’s gotta be hard sitting on so many unreleased tracks for so long…

Yeah it's definitely frustrating, but something you have to do I suppose. It feels heaps better that its coming out now.

Bands like DZ Deathrays started off as a duo before eventually taking on board a third member, how do you guys tackle the lack of a bass player in live shows and would you ever consider taking someone on board in that role in the future? 

I dunno, we’ve talked about it in the past like year and a half. There’s always a good and bad side to doing that and I think we’re still at the point where the good doesn’t quite outweigh the bad side of it. I think if we ever get to a point here we can’t go on without doing it we’d probably have to get someone else. But at this point we’re still confident with ourselves that we can still do it as a two-piece. I think to the point where it gets that we can’t do a live show anymore with new songs that we’d be happy with, we’d have to have someone else. But we’re not at that point yet, so we’ll just keep going on!

Yeah you wouldn’t want to endanger the novelty of such a big sound coming from just two guys, I was blown away a couple of years ago at the sound you guys made with just two members… 

Yeah once you lose that I think its hard to get it back as well.

How did the Adelaide boys Horror my Friend supporting the upcoming tour come about?

We were in Adelaide like a year or so ago and we saw them play. The dudes from Bad//Dreems were like “come and check this band out, they’re awesome”. So we went and saw them and we loved them. They had just recorded their album with Tom who recorded our record as well so we sort of knew about them. Our manager Dan is looking after them as well now so it just all fit together.

Adelaidian's can catch these fellas on October 7 at Jive.

For more information visit Hockey Dad's Facebook page here!

Photo by Ian Laidlaw