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The Bennies Get Wild At The Gov


The Bennies Get Wild At The Gov

Harrison Schultz

Walk into a building and there's three tip offs:

1. Beer flowing heavily. There's at least one if not two drinks occupying each punter's hands.

2. Everyone is rowdy and getting rowdier every minute. But not stupid rowdy, more lovin' life rowdy, like everyone was at pres together before they arrived.

3. There's a certain 'green' smell in the room, which on second thought, may explain #2.

What are the tip offs for? What have you just walked into? The answer... a show that's about to be torn apart by The Bennies.

That's exactly what happened last Friday night at The Gov. Supported by Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys, Axe Girl (who seriously threw down a few tasty jams, proving that women in the scene have a hell of a lot to offer) and Clowns.

As the beers continued to flow, there's a hazy recollection of someone saying "Fuck I'm keen". A couple minutes later, The Bennies stormed onto the stage and "Fuck I'm keen" turned into "Fuck this is good!" as they belted out those psychedelic punk tunes everyone could lose themselves to.

Moshing, crowd surfing and screaming out all the lyrics we could manage, Heavy Disco and Party Machine some how managed to magnify the atmosphere three fold. It's fair to say, this was when The Gov truly showed why it's one of the best live music venues in Adelaide.

Sadly the show eventually came to an inevitable end, parts of the crowd began to disperse whilst most started the encore shout. As it became louder and louder, The Bennies stormed back on, giving us a hectic multiple song encore. Two words: How good.

Stumbling out of The Gov post show, another three things came to mind:

1. That was anything but average, it was miles above average.

2. Before you hit up one of The Bennies gigs, be ready to party, or for a heavy disco..... to say the least.

3. Don't plan on doing much the next day, you're gonna be hurting.