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Review: From Oslo @ Crown and Anchor


Review: From Oslo @ Crown and Anchor

Dasha Romanowski

Last Friday night saw a strong-ass lineup of three local bands and Melbourne grunge outfit From Oslo take over the stage at the Crown and Anchor. 

Post-hardcore outfit Dilettantes were scheduled to kick off the evening, but an unfortunate incident purportedly involving a cherry-picker and six broken bones in lead singer Rick Foster’s foot resulted in bassist Dan Gaskin taking to the stage to play a solo set. Rocking a Horror My Friend shirt, Gaskin did a fantastic job of working with the last-minute change in plans and playing a selection of Dilettantes tunes acoustically. While the set lacked in decibels, it certainly did not compromise in gusto. Nice one dude, ya nailed it.

Next up were local alt-rock lads Tomorrow Rising. Having been on the Adelaide scene for several years now, the guys know how to keep their crowd engaged with their confident stage presence and classic heavy rock sound. Presenting a slew of new material with a smattering of old tracks, the band made for a highly fitting support act and delivered a super tight set that did not disappoint. Highlights included the lone fist-pumping man in the crowd losing his shit during Horses and the unintentionally synchronised headbanging from guitarists Steff Esposito and Kierren Mason during some of the riffier tracks.

In true Cranker style the set times were running very late, so by the time classic rock outfit Young Offenders took to the stage at around 11pm, many punters were on the waters and not making an effort to stifle their yawns. The weather outside was dismal. Dedicated beer enthusiasts sat huddled in their coats as rain lashed on the road, perhaps explaining the lack of crowd engagement as the third act belted out their Britpop-inspired tunes to a room nowhere near full capacity.

Around midnight, the long-awaited headline act From Oslo opened their set with a cacophony of screeching guitar lines and frenetic drumming, launching right into the fuzz-heavy riff and grungy vocals of Straight to Hell. The room had barely filled up since Young Offenders ended their set, and despite the solid wall of sound blaring from the speakers, the crowd’s prevailing reaction was to modestly nod their heads. Despite the audience’s energy levels resembling that of a slightly soggy blanket (no offence punters), the band didn’t let it affect their set. They continued to smash through their songs with Joshua De Laurentiis’ impeccable gravelly guitar tone giving enough depth and density to the duo for them to sound like an authentic grungy five-piece.

From Oslo

The lads pulled heavily from their latest EP, playing through tracks including Faking the Benz and Nobody’s Original, while also throwing in a casual All Apologies cover in homage to their grunge forebears. This elicited a mild reaction from the crowd, but people went absolutely wild when a random girl jumped onstage and started belting out the lyrics to a song alongside Josh. All that drummer Joel Penman could say was, "So fuckin' Adelaide, right?!"

The evening was rounded off with a powerful rendition of gritty title track No Sound, with its infectious hooks bringing the evening to a satisfying close. While the spirit of punk rock was well and truly dead for this show (save for three dudes who lifted their mate up above their heads in an attempt at crowdsurfing without an actual crowd), From Oslo’s solid set made it all worthwhile. We just hope that next time they visit lil’ old Adelaide, the punters will be slightly more alive!


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