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We Catch Up With Skegss


We Catch Up With Skegss

Jason Katsaras

Leading up to their sold out show at Rocket Bar, we had a chat with Ben Bograil from Skegss about Brazil, skating and new music.

We’ve been lucky enough to have a cheeky listen to the EP ahead of its release a couple weeks ago, when were most of these new songs written?

Probably within the last year, we’ve been playing most of them in our live set, maybe 3 of them we’ve been playing live.

And is that to test them out?

Yeah, you see which ones go off, and I guess having three people in the band you can decide how you like it and which ones are fun to play. Slayer and Van Halen are the ones we’ve been playing heaps over the past few months

Ah yeah, have you played ‘New York California’ live yet? I bloody love it.

Yeah that’s Toby’s first song! we played it for the first time on Friday. Like he's always had that song in the bank and it’s a sick song. We thought we should play it because it's also fun to play.

Yeah was that written in New York or California?

Nah it was just written in Toby’s home ! On our old EP there was actually a song called New York that we called New York because we were in New York…. And it's got nothing to do with New York! Now we’ve got the upgrade.  

We’re super keen for your show at Rocket on the 11th of August. It’s the first show on the tour, so will this be your first time in Adelaide?

Yeah that’ll be our first time, so were frothing, because people are always telling us to come play there but it was expensive for us a year and a half ago to get there. But yeah its nearly sold out now so it's gonna be sick. Toby’s the only one who’s even been to Adelaide, I think he drove across the Nullarbor once to get there.

We know earlier this year you were in Brazil, how did you find audiences received your music?

Yeah it was great, probably not as loose as shows here, but it was a cool experience. There’s this company called 'Void' that helped get us out there and they’re trying to promote a lifestyle, a bit like 'Monster Children' and all that who promote parties. I think they’re trying to bring that scene to Brazil. They threw two parties for us while we were over there, one in San Paulo and one in Rio. They brought along people from different surf and skate brands to come watch, so It was kind of sick, as I said definitely not as loose as Australia but it was awesome. Hopefully next time we go over there they’ll catch onto it all even more.

Yeah it seemed like the most random place to tour at the time...

[laughs] Nah we went to New Caledonia (France) a couple of months ago, which was pretty random. It was sick too but also pretty different. Most of the people there had never heard of us or anything and there was a real mix of ages at shows. They don’t really get that loose over there either, like everyone drinks but maybe not how us Aussies do. It was cool, we played three shows, a show each night for three nights in a row. Everyone was out just kinda having dinner and like two beers. Plus, it was Saint Patrick’s Weekend, that’s what we were there for with this beer company called ‘Number One’ who got us over there. People were just kind of sitting and staring at us, maybe dancing a little. We had heaps of fun though, met heaps of cool people.

Recently your post on social media regarding the fact that Pauline Hansen is somehow back in the mix sparked a lot of attention, we know your not really a political band as you said, but would you ever consider writing something like that?

Only if we thought something was dumb I guess, like that [was]. We don’t ever want to think our opinion counts and that. Its super dumb that she's back in the system... It was pretty weird that it caused some backlash. She’s just like the Trump of Australia. 

You've said in other interviews that you guys don’t mind a surf, have you had any time to do that with all the touring you’ve been doing lately?

Well Johnny doesn’t surf but we just take our skaties. We’re pretty shit at skating but it's easier. If your just hanging out at the front of a venue, we can just drink beers and entertain ourselves. I kinda surf whenever I’m home. I was real keen to in Brazil, but our buddy who said he had a board for us was asleep on the only day we could have done it. Because we were partying the whole time, they were just trying to show us a good time over there. On our nights off we’d kinda stay up till daylight, that’s what they do over there they’re pretty crazy, they love it. Then they’ll sleep the rest of the day and we’ll get a message in the early afternoon asking if they want lunch…or breakfast! We did some cool stuff over there, like went to the fair in Rio. There’s heaps of footage of it all which will probably come out soon.

Sweet, well we’re super keen for your show on the 11th we’ll catch you then! 

Yeah cheers have a good night man!

The Adelaide leg of the 'Everyone Is Good At Something' Tour is now sold out, for further info, check out Skegss Facebook here.