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Step Into Josh Smith's World With 'The Beauty Of Decay'


Step Into Josh Smith's World With 'The Beauty Of Decay'

Michaela McGrath

After taking his work around the world, Adelaide-based artist Joshua Smith is back in town with his latest and greatest in tow.

Following a transition from stencil work to miniatures, as well as exhibitions spanning Paris, Berlin, London and Melbourne, Smith is making a return with ‘The Beauty Of Decay’, showing from August 4th. The display, to be showcased at Hindley Street’s innovative, creative space DEW, gives us locals a good look at Smith’s hard work that has been on show around the world.

Glad to be back in charge of his first miniature solo exhibition in Adelaide, the Espionage Gallery director admits that the lack of control over his works overseas was challenging but says “it was good to expand [his] horizons and build up a fan base overseas.”

This exhibition is set to be a first for those of us well acquainted with the artist’s stenciling and street art. After seeing Smith successfully push the boundaries in his ‘Art of Letting Go’ solo exhibition last year, which saw the beginning of the artist’s move toward 3D works, we are set to see the realisation of those boundaries pushed even further. This time in the form of hyper realistic miniature models of the real world

“A decrepit back alley or overfilled disgusting dumpster or rusty shipping container is like pure gold in my mind” says Smith, the artist taking inspiration from a variety of things in the "outside world".

Coming from a street art background, the pieces are a nod to this prior work, as he takes inspiration from graffiti and street pieces for this latest endeavour. Another nod is the inclusion of teeny Farmers Union Iced Coffee cartons, measuring only 11 millimetres in height, which we all know to be an icon of this great town.

Expect to see hyper realistic detailing from the upcoming exhibition. Smith says that for his favourite piece, a Hanjin shipping container, he “spent hours looking at reference photos to get the rust and weathering just right”. With this eye for detail and clear patience, its no wonder the artist’s move to miniatures has been so successful, recently becoming one of five to win a co-working position with Norwood’s Brick+Mortar.

The exhibition opens to the public from the 4th of August, be sure to head down and check it out. Find the event page here and more information on Josh here.

DEW, 101 Hindley St, Adelaide, 5000

August 4th – 18th , 6-9PM

Photos via Andrew Beveridge/ ASB Creative