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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Coffee by the Beans - Coffee House


Coffee by the Beans - Coffee House

Harrison Schultz

Finding a great caffeine fix is somewhat similar to The Lord of the Rings, you’ve got roadworks screaming “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”, a couple of Orcs, destined to make your life hell (shitty drivers, almost forcing you off the road) and then there’s the challenge of just leaving your house to go on an adventure (find the great coffee). But, if you put enough time in you’re going to achieve that end goal, and that great coffee will lift a certain darkness from your world, for a few hours at least. Luckily for you guys, we’ve been exploring around Adelaidian coffee joints for a while now, and our latest fave, Coffee by the Beans coffee house has the potential to cure, or at the very least, ease all of those problems!

Walking in and you’ll notice two reasons Coffee by The Beans is so special: the smell of coffee is blissfully fresh and awakening, and then the awesome staff, who are friendly, with positive vibes coming from everyone in the store.

The menu board offers a range of in-store and takeaway options, including iced drinks, specialty teas, cold drip coffee, alternative brewing methods (syphon, chemex, V60), snacks including muffins the size of your fist and more! This isn’t where it all ends though... CBTB have another specialty which makes them truly unique - and I’m not talking about the two beautiful La Marzocco machines; it’s their range of small batch roasting coffee beans.

Right at the back of the coffee house you’ll notice a bunch more of unusual coffee brewing equipment and several large tubs with big writing and numbers on them; 209, 210, 212, 217, 220, 224. The respective numbers of each different bean.

209: The Single Origin, this bad boy changes on a regular occurrence, for all the enthusiasts who enjoy changing it up and trying new things, this one’s for you.

210: Decaffeinated, as far as decaf coffee goes, we all know it barely ever holds the same flavour as its caffeinated counterparts, 210 is perhaps the exception to that rule, but you be the judge.

212: Costa Rica SHB, SHB = Strictly High Bean. Anyone who’s into their coffee will know that generally speaking, the higher the altitude which beans are grown at, the greater the quality. 212 is no exception to this. If you’re willing to splash out a little more cash, you can bet every drop is worth every cent.

217: 3 Origins, soft body with caramel notes, residual sweetness and smooth finish.

220: 5 Origins, silky body with a range of citrus, fig/raisin notes completed with unique flavour complexities and a smooth silky finish.

224: 4 Origins, bold and intense body, low acidity with a distinct nuttiness and chocolate finish.

Chatting to owner Vincent Leonardis, he explained a couple of important points which makes CBTB so different to other coffee joints around Adelaide:

We are small batch roasters which means we have far better control of the roasting process. We always roast on demand for maximum freshness and our beans are all A Grade Arabica for added flavour and enjoyment.’

CBTB also sell the above coffee beans in 250g, 500g or 1kg amounts. With all 6 styles available to be ground to the level you need, or left as whole beans, you'll be able to brew some amazing coffee in your own kitchen! Or lair? Bachelor/bachelorette pad? Cave? Whichever it is you prefer. You'll have ALL of the energy, until you run out of beans that is.

By now you might have forgotten about those few problems I likened to LOTR at the start of the article. So whilst it might not fix the roadworks or bad drivers, you'll certainly forget about them while enjoying one of the finest coffee's in Adelade.  


Finding this coffee oasis? Coffee by the Beans is located 3/394 Henley Beach Rd, Lockleys. So if you’re in the western suburbs of Adelaide there’s every chance you’ll soon be visiting on a regular basis. Be warned however, it’s as addictive as it is busy.

You can give the CBTB Facebook a suss HERE! or their website HERE!

P.s. There’s also a chance the store currently doubles as a Pokestop, for any of those who are still hooked on Pokemon Go, but you’ll have to come here to find out.