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Interview: Montaigne


Interview: Montaigne

Harrison Schultz

From dropping a new album to planning a headline tour, Montaigne is one super impressive lady. We were lucky enough to score some of Montaigne's free time, so we gave her a buzz and asked her all about the new album and the different people and things that have inspired her work.

I've given Glorious Heights a few whirls and it sounds amazing! It's like with each listen it just gets better! So first up I think a few people would want to know, what were the inspirations for the lyrics on this album?

The lyrics were inspired by a bunch of things that have happened in the last few years of my life, primarily last year I went through a lot with relationships. And that's pretty much where all my lyrics come from, my own life.

The songs definitely convey the emotions you must have felt, they're quite powerful! Are there any particular artists who inspire you to write and perform?

Yeah a lot of people! For the album especially it was David Byrne from Talking Heads and all his other projects. And I think my primary inspiration would be Bjork, Arcade Fire, Owen Pallett, Fiest and to an extent, The National, Bright Eyes and Coldplay probably. Quite a few really!

So how long did it take to put this album together?

Probably like 6-months, not the full 26 weeks, more in a broken up style.

Do you have a particular writing process? Is there somewhere you like to sit down and write, or do you carry a notebook or your phone with you and just write whenever something comes to mind?

I tend to write best while walking around, I use an app on my phone called Evernote. You can record audio and write words at the same time or write notes as you listen to the audio which is really useful. But yeah I tend to write best whilst I'm in transit, so on planes or buses or whatever.

So as I was listening to the album, and I'm sure that other people will notice this when they finally get their hands on it, the first 4 songs have quite an upbeat vibe (instrumentally) but then track 5, 'Consolation Prize' is quite slower and darker. When it comes to performing your music do you have a type of song which you enjoy performing more than others?

I just like performing in general, so any song I can perform I enjoy it. I think it's less of what the song is like, and more of it I can here myself (laughs). Which can determine whether or not I enjoy performing a song, usually with the quieter songs, the ones with fewer leads, it's just easier to hear myself. But I do enjoy performing all my songs.

Has there been a particular track off the album you really enjoyed writing and keen for people to be able to listen to?

Uh, I kinda feel that way with most of them. At the moment though I have a soft spot for Glorious Heights the first track. I've always really liked that song, its most reminiscent of those bands that I mentioned; Arcade Fire, Coldplay and even Florence and the Machine. And I really like the lyrics, I'm quite proud of them, its uplifting in its sound but that's counterbalanced by these really sort of depressed, subjected lyrics and I'm a big fan of those sort of contradictions in music.

Yeah, you've really done a lot with the music on this album as opposed to most mainstream pop music which pretty much sounds the exact same, it's refreshing to say the least. Are there any other artists/producers you'd like to work with at some point in your career?

At some point in my career I'd really like to work with David Byrne and Owen Pallett and Producer, Arca because he produced Bjork's last album and that was really beautiful. But otherwise I'm pretty content with Tony (Tony Buchen) right now, I'm happy to continue working with him but if the opportunity came up to co-write with anyone else, my primary priorities I suppose would be David Byrne and Owen Pallet.

Jumping away from your music for a second, I noticed on your Facebook you got to play the new Kingdom Hearts game the other day, how did that go down?

I'm just quite vocal about my love for Kingdom Hearts and how much it impacts and influences my life. So I do love playing video games and Sony were trying to set up a Twitch campaign and ended up setting it up for me by surprise. I think they appreciated how my album cover and a lot of my songs have been inspired by Kingdom of Hearts.

That would have been amazing! Do you do much other gaming or is it mainly Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts is my number one but as kid growing up, I played a lot of adventure games. So, Final Fantasy 10 and 12, Crash Bandicoot, Spryo, Ratchet and Clank, Jack and Daxter, all those sorts of games! Oh and a bit of Halo. A bunch of things! Nowadays though, I don't really get to play as much, I prioritise music and my work so I put a lot of effort into that but when I do have time I try to indulge in gaming as much as I can.

Speaking of your work, is there any chance we'll be seeing any music videos soon?

Probably 'Because I Love You', there's potentially going to be a lyric video, it's just not a priority at the moment.

Final question, you have the Because I love You tour coming up pretty soon and it's looking pretty big! Is this the biggest tour you've done so far?

Yeah, it's probably the biggest headline tour and most flat out of any I've done.

Awesome! Well good luck with everything, hopefully it all goes smoothly!

You can grab Montaigne's new album Glorious Heights on the 5th of August!  and catch her in Adelaide at The Fat Controller on the 23rd of September.

Keep up to date on her Facebook or tour event page!