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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Head To The Howling Owl For A Hoot Of A Time


Head To The Howling Owl For A Hoot Of A Time

Adrienne Goode

You’re in the city, you’re thirsty, and you’re ready for a dirty martini, but not in a dirty pub, right? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Howling Owl is the under-appreciated gem of Frome Street. With hand crafted table tops and chalk-boarded walls appropriately decorated with drawings of owls, this cafe and wine bar provides a charismatic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.

Small-batch gin, hand made craft, art exhibitions, and comedic productions don’t always equal fancy and unapproachable. In the Howling Owl’s case, it means quirkiness, versatility, and all-round good vibes.

The cosy booth-filled nooks welcome martini-inspired shenanigans and the Victorian couch reassures you that it’s also completely fine to unwind. Happy hour is from 7PM—8PM daily and with 2-for-1 gins, $5 beers, and 2 selected cocktails for only $20 how can one not be happy? Although the alcohol is plentiful, gin takes centre-stage at the Howling Owl, with over 70 small-batch gins from around the world at the tip of your tongue. An avid Eat Local SA supporter, the Howling Owl is a fan of all things South Australian, including regional gins. Five Kangaroo Island delights are the superstars of the extensive gin menu and are deliciously infused with native botanicals and carefully selected spices, fruits, and herbs. In other words, James Bond would totally be in martini paradise right now.

The Howling Owl feels something like a real-life wonderland, with one door leading you into an art gallery and another inviting you into a live performance venue, each with their respective welcoming vibes. Immerse yourself into the utopia of local artwork in the Urban Cow Studio or see a live comedy act at the Rhino Room for a literal hoot of a time.

The Howling Owl

13 Frome Street, Adelaide

Monday & Tuesday 8:30AM—8PM
Wednesday & Thursday 8:30AM—11PM
Friday 8:30AM—2AM
Saturday 12:00PM—2AM

All images by Adrienne Goode.