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APOCALYPSE NOLL: What Actually Happened At Shannon Noll's DJ Set


APOCALYPSE NOLL: What Actually Happened At Shannon Noll's DJ Set

Dan Linke

The career trajectory of Shannon Noll has been one of intrigue over the past three years. The only question that used to face the cruelly robbed runner-up of Australian Idol 2003 was 'just what is Shannon Noll up to these days?'. Once upon a time, the answer was in Radio Rentals ads. These days however, he has had a renaissance - one thanks to the power of the internet.

Despite selling out shows regularly in this current period of success, the question that remains is who the public want to see. Is it Shannon Noll the hard-working, true blue Aussie musician, or his apparent fish taco loving, meme-deity alter-ego “Nollsy”? It is safe to assume the latter; as tickets to his Fat Controller show managed to sell out in days, with the controversial change to “DJ set” took place occurring shortly after. But in the lead up to the night, several questions remained:

Which side of him would appear on the night?

Would he sing any of his classic hits, let alone some hidden gems from the back catalogue?

Or would he actually be DJing, spinning some classic Australian Idol contestant bangers?

A Thursday night appearance could have led punters to believe Noll would have been on relatively early; when he arrived at 10:30 the crowd was sent into overdrive, despite his presence being one of mere seconds. When Noll finally took to the stage after midnight however, it all became clear.



It was all of five minutes when a realisation dawned; Noll wasn't there to perform, let alone DJ - he was there purely to exert his god-like aura. He did put half an effort in singing “Lift”, before uttering as many as five words across 'Back in Black', 'Waltzing Matilda' and Peter Coomb's 'Brush Your Teeth With Orange Juice'. This could be put down to the fact that he was too busy giving out autographs, selfies, and bouquets of roses or the fact that he was singing over nothing more than the original versions of those songs. Oddly enough, that included 'Lift'.

As soon as he appeared on stage, the atmosphere of the crowd went from being energetic to completely berserk. People swarmed to the front to be as physically close to Noll as possible, breaking down in tears if he were to touch them, let alone take a selfie. Full credit to Noll though, as his presence left a packed out venue spellbound, wanting more from him as every second passed. 

I had nothing left to give when I left 45 minutes into the Shannon Noll experience. There was no 'Drive', no 'What About Me', and I did have to work in the morning. A special shout out to the group of five 60-somethings however, who arrived at 9 pm and waited patiently for Shannon Noll's set the entire night in the hope of seeing a true blue set. On the contrary, the "Nollsy" alter-ego was inviting fans on stage, watching them drinking cans of Victoria Bitter from a shoe. What about them, Shannon? It isn't fair.

All images via Cable Kidz Facebook.