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Verge Collection @ The Producers


Verge Collection @ The Producers

Jason Katsaras

Last Sunday we were treated to Perth boys Verge Collection dropping in to play their widely loved tunes at the historic Producers Bar. Along with these legends were three local acts, StorkChiara La Woo and Rat Ta'Mango, providing a brilliant arvo of music. It's been so long since we've been to a gig with this much energy and positive spirit, we were honestly blown away. 

First up the smooth, bluesy tunes of Rat Ta'Mango swooned us all. Jangly riffs and brilliantly soulful vocals led what was a great performance. Their new single 'Let it Go' is definitely worth a listen for any roots, garage or psychedelic fans, as the group tries to incorporate all of these elements into their music.

crowd getting storked

crowd getting storked

Next up, the Stork boys set about further rousing the already excited crowd. Reminding us a lot of eastern surf rockers Skegss, these guys managed to work the crowd into an absolute frenzy. Their punk infused garage rock was so well received and executed that before long chorus's were being belted out in unison. After a surfboard made an appearance in the crowd, and was then properly used to crowd-surf, we have to admit we've been converted to the self proclaimed kings of 'waves and babes'. Playing later in the month with Slick Arnold at the Rhino Room, we couldn't recommend seeing these guys more!

Reggae warriors Chiara La Woo then took the stage to deliver a bouncy and energetic set. All eyes in the room were glued to them as numerous guitar solo's were performed. These fellas reminded us a lot of Sticky Fingers or Bootleg Rascal and they pulled off this style to a tee. Their stellar debut single 'Keep Your Feet', is well worth a listen.

Finally, Perth boys Verge collection took to the stage. With only two released songs available online, we found ourselves getting around every song we hadn't yet heard. Their energy and quintessential Australian sound made us feel right at home. We honestly can't praise these them enough, their conversational heartfelt songwriting really connects. Far from some Hollywood bullshit, listening to Verge Collection is like having a 'DnM' with your mate. Class of 09'  was absolutely brilliant before the hugely successful 'Our Place' began, the song that has arguably launched Verge Collection into the national spotlight. You could hardly hear the band singing "and you're still on your P plates!" with every punter in the room belting it out. Going into this gig, we were already huge fans, and the night has only cemented our appreciation more. The entire experience of Sunday was just bloody brilliant, hats off to every band that played and The Producers  for putting it on.

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All images via This is Radelaide