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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Montaigne's Getting Gloriously Busy


Montaigne's Getting Gloriously Busy

Harrison Schultz

There are hard working artists and then there's artists like Montaigne. Recently announcing her debut album Glorious Heights, set for release on the 5th of August and national tour BECAUSE I LOVE YOU over September and October, if that doesn't scream dedication then what is?

If you are yet to hear Because I Love You the single released by Montaigne last month, then have a listen below. The song can be described as an electrifying and beautifully constructed pop song. It takes all the catchy and smooth flow from main stream pop music and then twists it into a fantastically original and satisfying piece.

The woman behind Montaigne, Jess Cerro, says of the release, “Because I Love You (the single) is a look back at what you’d known to be a healthy and fulfilling relationship whilst experiencing it, but with a little perspective discovered was pretty bad.”

Your chance to see Because I Love You live, as well as a whole bunch of other amazing songs by Montaigne will be on the 23rd of September at The Fat Controller. The 3rd stop in her national tour, you can guarantee we'll be getting the chance to see Montaigne deliver a special performance and potentially one of the best All You Can Eat friday night shows at The Fat Controller for the year!

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