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A Journey Into Deep Space With Brian Cox


A Journey Into Deep Space With Brian Cox

Adrienne Goode

Are we alone in the universe? What came before the Big Bang? Is the origin of life on Earth a set of paradoxes? If these questions spark curiosity in your mind and tend to keep you up at night, then we’ve got the perfect event for you. World-famous physicist, Professor Brian Cox, will help you to make sense of the universe when he returns to Adelaide on Tuesday, 16 August with his new show, A Journey Into Deep Space, live at the Entertainment Centre.

This highly-anticipated show comes as a partnership with Lateral Events and is set to take us on a journey down a rabbit hole of theories, truths, questions (and answers where possible) of the mysterious, sublime universe. 

Although the show may speak to science fans on a deep, perpetual level, you don’t actually need to be a science buff to make sense of the show. Cox’s ability to make complex content entertaining and simple to understand has established him as one of the world’s leading scientific communicators. This talent has also seen his science television shows skyrocket in popularity, audience reach, and accessibility. If you’re wondering, these shows include (but aren’t limited to) Human Universe, Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System, and Wonders of Life. So many wonders, and satisfyingly, so many answers. 

Joining Cox on stage will be British comedian, Robin Ince, who will no doubt heighten the level of entertainment within such an intricate, profound topic.

Drawing from scientific research and the world’s top astronomical observations, Cox will strive to help you fathom the universe, its origins, and evolution as we know them.

What: A Journey Into Deep Space

When: Tuesday, 16 August

Where: Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Ticket prices range between $80—$195

Read more information and buy tickets here.

Header image via Lateral Events.