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Art Exhibit: En-Gendered


Art Exhibit: En-Gendered

Emma Ferraro

En-Gendered is a unique gaze into society's ideas of gender, and how an individual perceives their gendered self. In a variety of photographic, video, and sculptural mediums, the exhibit succinctly demonstrates a bi-directional conversation between what is considered 'masculine', and what is considered 'feminine.'

The exhibit originally developed from an interest to explore two facets of gender:

'Cultural capital': an individual's non-financial social assets, such as education, intellect, style of speech, dress, or physical appearance.

'Hegemonic masculinity': proposed practices that support the dominate social position of men, and the subordinate position of women.

And finally, how hegemonic masculinity can act as a form of cultural capital. 

With this final notion, the exhibit spotlights the idea that gender can be facilitated as a socio-cultural asset, and how we, as individuals within this society, use our experiences and ideas of our gendered self as a form of personal expression. 

Although a relatively small exhibition, En-Gendered showcases a variety of artwork that emphasises each artist's interpretation of gender as a 'passive biological form' and 'aggressive socio-political construct.'

Interestingly, none of the works have an affixed explanation. The way in which you perceive, connect, and converse with each piece is entirely dependent on your own personal interpretation of gender, hegemonic masculinity, and cultural capital, based upon your own past experiences, beliefs, and ideas.

At first gaze, the artwork can be confusing, and seemingly random. However, when you start to consider what the artwork means based on your own experiences and ideas of gender, they start to become both personally, and culturally, significant. 

Where: Light Square Gallery

When: June 9th to June 30th, 2016

Exhibiting Artists: Sofia Calado, Ray Harris, Matt Huppatz, Monte Masi, Toby Nevill, Will Nolan and Emmaline Zanelli  


Note:  The exhibit predominantly accentuates gender as 'male' and 'female', and doesn't strongly explore non-binary gender, which, in itself, is limiting to the discussion of gender. 

Photos by Emma Ferraro