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Radelaidians Doing Cool Shit #1: Kale Brock


Radelaidians Doing Cool Shit #1: Kale Brock

Harrison Schultz

This week’s Radelaidian doing cool shit is award-nominated writer & speaker, Kale Brock. At 24, Kale is already making his mark in the health world by doing a few awesome things - writing his own book on probiotic nutrition, presenting talks on the art of Healing Your Gut’ and even being a presenter for the show Totally Wild. We recently managed to find some time in Kale’s busy schedule for a quick chat and here’s what he had to say about Adelaide, being healthy and getting inspired:

First up, I heard you were recently in the US, what were you been up to over there?

Lots of surfing - the swell really turned it on pretty much for the whole 11 weeks I was there so I managed to score some waves I’ve wanted to surf for a long time. I’m lucky enough to work on the road so I spent quite a bit of time writing & being creative - I undertook some intense training up in LA as well for my acting/speaking so it was a really cool experience - I love the USA but I love home even more!

Is there much resistance to the sort of healthy lifestyle you represent over in the US?

Funnily enough there is a significant lack of awareness in the USA about gut health & the likes. Perhaps it’s because there are so many people, the percentage of those unaware is higher - but I definitely found it more difficult to connect on the health level with people, than I do at home. It seems these days in Australia - especially Adelaide & Sydney - that everyone knows at least the basics of gut health, which foods support it and those that don’t. I wouldn't say there is ever resistance to what I share - sometimes you get it but mostly online.

Whereabouts in Adelaide did you grow up?

I grew up around West Lakes, Grange & Henley.

How does Adelaide compare to the other cities you’ve travelled around to?

It’s one of those places that you really enjoy coming home to - but eventually I find I get a little restless and need to escape every now & then. We’re so lucky to have a quiet yet thriving town, that has great access to some seriously pristine outdoors. Once you travel the world like I have, you start to really appreciate how much of a gem Adelaide is. For me, the lack of surf around town can be an issue but it’s easily solved.

Everyone in Adelaide has their own opinions on the best places to eat, could you give us a few of your favourites?

Just Results Organic Cafe

Nutrition Republic

Fleurieu Pantry

What do you do to relax or have fun when you’re here (in Adelaide)?

Out the front of my house we have the beautiful Grange/West Lakes stretch of beach and it's always quiet during the day. I’d at least 95% of the time that I’m actually home I go down there. My friends and I will have gymnastics sessions down there in the sun while playing around. I also love heading down South to the mid or South-Coast to find some waves. We’re really blessed with some beautiful spots and it’s rarely crowded - especially when you can surf during the week. I love going to Bounce, too!

What first inspired you to get into the health industry, and in particular the area of health and well-being you represent?

When I was 16 I had a heart condition and was forced to take a look at what I was putting on and into my body - that's where the interest began. I think the passion began when I started seeing people experiencing powerful results from what I was sharing. Plus, I love seeing someone really take control of their life’s direction through taking charge of their health.

It seems pretty obvious that the health industry has had a huge impact on your life, have you had any major career highlights so far?

I think anyone who really follows their mission in life is inspiring to me. Anyone who thinks critically and doesn't buy into the idea of just doing what everyone else is doing. I’ve found certain figures in the personal development industry to be very inspirational - guys like Bob Proctor & Rhonda Byrne - I would have to say that Kelly Slater is my biggest influence - he’s that wise athlete who strives for excellence in all areas of life, and is just an amazing human.

Last thing, are you gonna be back in Adelaide soon? And have you got anything special happening here?

I’m on my way back as I type this. It’s been a long trip and I’m super excited to get home and get into some creative endeavours, which I’ve had boiling for a year or so. With the success of the book and my Heal Your Gut Tour I’ve been a little distracted with real left-brain stuff, you know? So now that the tour is organised and going ahead in August ( I have some time to put some new ideas into swing and really take some steps forward again. Without spilling the beans too much, I’ll be releasing some millennial content via my social media channels to really challenge the system a little and to allow my cheeky, humorous side to shine. I’m working on bringing that into my talks, too - because more than learning about the gut, I want people to feel happy and energetic about health and wellness. The best talk I can give is one that inspires people to take interest in themselves.

Cheers for your time mate!

You can find more about Kale and what he's getting up to at any of the following links:

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All images supplied by Kale.

Stay tuned for this new weekly segment, highlighting Adelaidians doing cool shit around the globe, or here at home!