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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Melbourne Rock Lads My Echo Get Ready To Hit Adelaide


Melbourne Rock Lads My Echo Get Ready To Hit Adelaide

Harrison Schultz

My Echo recently dropped their new single Old & Grey. Upbeat, full of meaning and catchy as hell, we got in touch with the guys from Melbourne and had a little chat about the single and other upcoming events!

Hey guys, congrats on the new single - It sounds amazing! I noticed it’s already received a bit of love on Triple J Unearthed.

Cheers! Glad you like it! Yeah we've been pretty chuffed by the reception thus far.

How’s the process been on getting Old & Grey out? Has it been relatively easy (as easy as producing a song can be, that is) or a bit of a bumpy ride?

Well it's been different this time. We had our good friends at Ten to Two records taking care of everything for the last EP and single, but we thought we'd have a crack at doing it all ourselves this time around. It's been a bit of a learning experience but I think we're getting it over the line.

Can I ask if there’s any particular meaning behind the lyrics?

Sure! They're actually about our old bass player. We've been friends for probably the best part of a decade, best friends in fact. The song just speaks about falling out of touch over the years but always being able to get back together like nothing's ever changed, and just assuring him that nothing ever will. I think everybody has a friend like that, and as a result it was pretty easy to tell the story lyrically.
When you guys get on the road to tour, how do you all go having to spend so much time together?

We love it. We drive almost everywhere. We spent a week in a Winnebago once on tour in WA and all lived to tell the tale so I think if you can get through that unscathed you can handle anything.
And speaking of touring, you guys will be playing in Adelaide pretty soon I hear, what are the details there?

Yeah! We're coming back to the Crown and Anchor on July 30. The Cranka is our favourite pub in Adelaide so it's safe to say we're all really pumped about it.

Have you toured through Adelaide before? (If so, how did those shows go?)

Yeah we've done quite a bit in Adelaide actually it's sort of our home away from home. A few highlights have been the Jimmy Eat World show at Thebarton Theatre, the final Trial Kennedy show at Jive and also a show with our pals Grenadiers at the Cranka.
Is there anything else we can expect to hear from you guys this year?

Our records still being mixed but we'd love to have that out in time for summer.
Cheers for the time guys, hopefully the tour goes well! (The new single’s so great I’m sure it’ll be awesome!)

Thanks for having us.

You can catch My Echo on the 30th of July at the Crown and Anchor on the 30th of July!

Keep up to date at the My Echo Facebook Page!