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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Prohibition Liquor Co. Bathtub Cut Gin: Bathtub Free Since '16


Prohibition Liquor Co. Bathtub Cut Gin: Bathtub Free Since '16

Nick Focareta

Prohibition Liquor Co. is an Adelaide Hills small batch gin with a difference. Its creative botanical list features the infamously misunderstood wormwood, a key component in traditional absinthe and once thought to induce madness. Wormwood has a distinct earthy bitterness that lends a depth to the gin, making Prohibition unique amongst its peers.

After being on the market less than a year, co-founder Wes Heddles wanted to take advantage of Prohibition's momentum, and so was borne their Bathtub Cut gin; inspired by prohibition-era style spirits that were produced in bathtubs to evade police. But the name is where the similarities end.

'I wanted to make a palatable over proof gin, especially one that was versatile enough for bartenders,' says Wes. Sitting at a whopping 69% (strategically chosen to avoid classification as a dangerous good), Bathtub Cut continues Prohibition's ethos of utilising non-conventional botanicals, including: cinnamon, grapefruit and anise.

Much like its little brother in bottle shape and graphic design, Bathtub Cut has a wonderfully aromatic nose with heavy notes of liquorice and fresh citrus. Sweet on the palate, anise carries through before finishing with subtle hints of vanilla and pepper. These pronounced flavours and high ABV make for the perfect G & T or if you're in the mood for a cocktail, why not try it in an Army & Navy.

Bathtub Cut gin is currently being stocked at Bank Street Social and is due to be released in other small bars over the coming weeks.