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A Bus Full Of Art Is Coming To Victoria Square

Emma Ferraro

Adelaide's art culture is thriving and flourishing. Everywhere you look, local artists and their work are being celebrated, from graffiti art, to album art and statewide exhibitions; the acknowledgement is well-deserved. A Bus Full Of Art is certainly no exception.

a bus full of art SALA 2016

Kickstarting during the Fringe Festival last year, six artists travelled to over ten locations in an iconic big yellow school bus, showcasing 107 original artworks. A Bus Full of Art aims to build connections between local Adelaidians and artists in a unique, casual environment. As the art itself establishes our relationships with places we know and love, and draws in a strong sense of community. 

a bus full of art SALA 2016

The Bus encourages people from all walks of life to experience artwork in a setting that is neither intimidating, nor prestigious. Instead, the concept promotes a fun perspective of art, and presents an opportunity for everyone to come and appreciate it.

Artist Lyndy Danby recalls, "I remember a young woman in her twenties confessed that she had always been too shy to go to galleries. She felt that galleries were intimidating places, but after visiting the bus, and talking to some of the artists, she definitely planned on visiting soon!" 

a bus full of art 2016 SALA

This year, the bus returns for the SALA Festival, from July 31st to August 7th. Although the bus will have a more stationary role, it transforms into an opportunity to watch the artists work, focusing more on the art itself, rather than the spectacle of the bus. In spite of its location being predominantly in Victoria Square, the Bus will be making a short trip to the Brighton Arts Market on August 21st. 

"Unfortunately, we couldn't fit Brighton in last year," says artist, Catherine Fitz-Gerald, "So we are doing The Brighton Art Markets for SALA this year, which is exciting!" 

The group has also welcomed two new members, Rod Bax, and our own Rachel Darling, to join existing bus members Lyndy Danby, Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Marie Jonsson-Harrison, and Ursula Kiessling, guaranteeing a mix of both established, and emerging, artists.

A bus full of art SALA 2016

Emerging artist Rachel Darling similarly feels that the bus is about making art more accessible to people. "These days people want to get a connection, and to see personality behind the art. I am looking forward to meeting lots of people while I am painting on the bus!"

Although A Bus Full Of Art will be a new experience from the previous year, it will ultimately encompass the same message: to connect people with art in a fun setting. Be sure to come and check it out - it truly is a unique experience! 

Where: Victoria Square, or The Brighton Arts Market.

When: July 31st to August 7th, August 21st.

Facebook: A Bus Full Of Art