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British India @ The Gov


British India @ The Gov

Harrison Schultz

June 23 2016, it was a miserable day - cold, rainy, windy. There wasn't a thing that could save it, except maybe British India.

Walking towards The Gov, it was pretty clear West Thebarton Brothel Party had already taken stage, pipes on the outside of buildings were shaking, people were rushing to get in and their sound completely drowned out that of another band in another area. Getting inside, we grabbed a beer each and watched West Thebarton Brothel Party let loose a few tunes! (And yes, they played Red or White, it was sick!) As the show went on, WTBP, forced the crowd to get more involved, get up close and make the most of their show. Sadly, it couldn't go on forever, the lights came on, the preset playlist* came on over the speakers and the stage started to change to make way for British India.

*Shout out to all the punters dancing just as hard to the preset playlist as they were to WTBP and British India.

 West Thebarton Brothel Party

West Thebarton Brothel Party

Suddenly the lights went down again, the anticipation grew like fog in the room, and then British India burst onto stage, as energetic as ever and ready to rip up a Thursday night at The Gov. Having recently played a few huge shows during the Groovin' The Moo festivals, it was going to be interesting to see if they could match it.

Playing a whole bunch of new and old songs, to a crowd that seemed to know all of the lyrics, there was no way anyone could be feeling left out. Playing the 2010 tune Vanilla, there was a certain feel good vibe going through the crowd. Newer songs included Wrong Direction, I Can Make You Love Me off the Nothing Touches Me album and then Summer Forgive Me from Controller.

Was the show living up to the standards that British India had previously set? Easily! Everyone seemed stoked and as the show came to and end, smiling faces covered in sweat, looking completely exhausted. But, there was something missing, as the band left the stage, it just didn't feel quite right. A few seconds of silence passed, then slowly but surely the "One more song" chant started, would they do it though? The chant grew louder, and then one by one, the band returned to stage and started playing again. About 30 seconds went by and then, the bass line started, anyone who went to Groovin may recall it, British India's cover of Killing In The Name Of - and shit got hectic.