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Spoiled Adelaide: Basement, Turnover, Break Even & Hindsight


Spoiled Adelaide: Basement, Turnover, Break Even & Hindsight

Jordan Tito

In what was easily one of the biggest Monday night shows that Fowlers Live has seen in a long time, UK’s Basement took the stage for their national tour with shoegazers Turnover, Australia’s Break Even and local guys Hindsight. 

With a never-ending line outside the doors, set times were pushed back to 7:30pm to allow the crowd enter for local melodic hardcore boys Hindsight. Recently releasing their heart-wrenching emotional single Love Over, and the announcement of their EP (the first in 2 years), Fowlers saw an eager gathering of fans keen to singalong. Opening with oldie Inner Beauty, older fans clawed and jumped, forming a huge huddle in the middle of the mosh, screaming the words. In a string of old and new, including W.I.N.G.S, Heidi Ho and Hole, the definite stand out was new single Love Over which had the crowd moshing with raised fists and eager mic grabs.  

Hindsight. Image taken by  Jacob Jennings.  

Hindsight. Image taken by Jacob Jennings. 

The last show Break Even debuted in Adelaide was their reunion tour - and it was a big one. However, this show, not so much. Plagued with sound issues that made vocalist Mark Bawden barely audible, the set lacked the extra "umph" that the crowd begged for. Mainly playing songs featured on The Bright Side, including The Truth, Heart Shape House and TroublemakerWith a shout-out to Matt 'Footy' Horvath, owner of our local Clarity Records, they managed to get people moving for everyones favourite track Sunrise/October 27th

Before Turnover graced our ears, the room was filled with punters old and young. Unlike the previous bands which had the distinct invisible mosh-pit line in the crowd (a safe haven for those who wish to hide away from flying arms and legs), the line had diminished and punters stood shoulder to shoulder to witness the US bands first show in Adelaide. Starting with New Screamheads immediately began to bop along to the infectious jangly sound of humming guitars and smooth vocals that is TurnoverIn a room that is normally parallel to a war-scene for hardcore shows, it was instead full of smiling closed-eyed singing faces that swayed together like a huge hypnotic wave. Playing most tracks off their faultless album (an arguably, one of the best releases of 2015) Peripheral Visionvoices sang out to Dizzy On The Comedown, Hello Euphoria and Take My HandClosing with Cutting My Fingers Off, the infatuated audience cried out for an encore which was ignored. :( 

Basement.  Image via Dylan North Photo. 

Basement. Image via Dylan North Photo. 

Kicking off with WholeUK's Basement turned up energy levels, forming a worshipping whirlpool of fans. With unquestionable steeze and stage presence, the five-piece jammed new tracks from their some-what mellow and softer album Promise Everything including Aquasun, Oversized and For You The Moonas well as old favourites Bad Apple, Spoiled and Pine. Covet, an undeniable stand out, had the audience collectively singing "When I'm with you, I don't want to be with you", and while the band closed with Pinethey were welcomed on-stage for an encore of a Nirvana classic School

Overall, 10/10. 

Images via Jacob Jennings, Dylan North Photo & Basement.