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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Adelaide Ass Kicker - Viscous Coffee


Adelaide Ass Kicker - Viscous Coffee

Harrison Schultz

If you love coffee but haven't been to Viscous Coffee yet, do you really love coffee?

Located at 27a Beach Road, Christies Beach, Viscous Coffee needs to be in your next 5 caffeine hits. Why? They offer the full range of regular coffee styles, from your long blacks, to lattes and ristretto's of course, but they also offer something a little more 'sinister'.

Viscous also offer a range of specialty coffees, one of which even comes with a health warning, The Adelaide Ass Kicker. (Seriously, if you suffer from high or low blood pressure and/heart conditions, we suggest one of their other amazing styles!) Steve, barista and owner at Viscous, recommends maybe giving one of the other coffees a go before jumping in the deep end, but if caffeine is your thing, here's what you can expect:

Other specialty coffees include:

The Viking, a triple espresso and 1/2 a piccolo (you can even 'add horns' by getting two cold drip ice cubes in it).

The Melbourne Magic, a double ristretto with a 3/4 latte.

Or, our choice of the day, a siphon coffee, perhaps the most entertaining coffee we've seen made! (Have a suss of the video on our Instagram, it all works on high and low pressure).

Plus there's a bunch of others, that you'll have to visit to find out about. So, no matter your taste in coffee, we're sure Viscous will have something to suit!

Christies Beach a little bit of a drive? Make a Sunday road trip out of it, there's stacks of hidden gems, things to do and things to see. Plus, the Mclaren Vale wine region is only 15 minutes further...

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