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1LoveADL - Brings The Hometown Love


1LoveADL - Brings The Hometown Love

Jason Katsaras

Last Friday, Sugar (a place iconic in itself), hosted a bunch of local artists interpretations of Adelaide. As described by the organisers:

"This exhibition brought together friends who enjoy sitting by the Torrens, knocking back a Farmer's Union while the Hilltops play gently in the background."

As has happened before, the artists were asked to sell Adelaide to someone whom had never heard of or knew anything about our little city.  The result was a variety of different pieces, all varying in obscurity. Curators (+ artists) Henry Steniford and Gabriel Cole did an exceptional job in bringing together both artists with a passion for Adelaide, and an audience who was fascinated to see each one.

'Love, The Milky Way' - Henry Stentiford

 Some works were almost humorous in their stark South Australian references that reflected on our relationship with our products and surroundings. Other works more subtley incorporated Adelaide's landmarks into their composure. 

By Harriet McKay

Further credit has to be given for organiser Driller Jet Armstrong, (who also had his own work on display) with the majority of works being sold by the end of the night. The Malls Balls, Adelaide's Churches and South Australian wine were all covered in the exhibition, along with Adelaide's famous Farmers Union Iced Coffee and Frog Cakes. Even Tex Walker was shown as an Adelaide icon in the above example.

'Be In It' - Maddy Stentiford

On top of all this the night kicked up a notch later on as the deep house tunes of sugar took hold. Overall we loved 1LoveAdl and the creativity it uncovered. Next time we sip a pale at the ex before a crows game with Paul Kelly playing softly in the background, we'll reminisce at how good it was.

The full list of artists who featured in this exhibition can be seen in the poster below.