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Isabella Carbone

Armed with an arsenal of ethereal songstresses, Olympia brought her A-game to the Producers Bar on Saturday 11th June. There were references to murder, marijuana and the nut-bush, with indie lady vibes aplenty.

The lovely locals Poly Low opened the night and helped warm up the chilly winter evening. Naomi Keyte followed, taking to the stage and beckoned the crowd to come closer and opened her set with the declaration “Let’s get sweaty”.

Keyte started off with a beautiful solo before her fellow members joined her onstage. The self-proclaimed “severe folk” act was dominated by the eerie and enrapturing vocals by lead singer Keyte. However, the set did lack a sense of presence, yet this also allowed for the beautiful folk sound to take predominance.

Solo interstate act Sarah Belkner lifted up the vibes in the room with her alternative synth pop. Despite following a four piece act, Belkner managed to hold her own on the stage and got a few groovers going in the crowd.

Belkner took the time to praise Adelaide crowds asking “What is it, is it the water? Is it the vodka?” to which she got few resounding response, standouts of which include “It’s the marijuana” and “It’s the murders”. Oh Adelaide, never change. Nevertheless, Sarah’s delivery was striking; ‘Joanna’ was executed beautifully and was the highlight of the set.

Decked out in shimmering gold and donning her signature platinum blond hair, Olympia kicked off what was to be a killer set. When she sings, she demands to be listened to. Her control over her vocals is spectacular; her voice is both strong and enthralling.

When Olympia spoke with This Is Radelaide, she compared her new album Self Talk to “Allen’s Party Mix” and the tracks from the record definitely injected a sweet sugar hit into the crowd. There were many boogying down to hits such as ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ and ‘Tourists’.

Having previously talked with This Is Radelaide about recently touring with Aussie great Paul Dempsey, her onstage experience is abundantly clear. She commands attention without even trying. She is quite softly spoken yet direct in between songs, engaging with the crowd when telling them personal anecdotes, like the time she forgot to get her passport for a trip to Indonesia.

The band vacated the stage for a moment to allow her prowess with nary but a keyboard and a loop pedal to show a jazz-esque side to her vocals. Captivating ‘Blue Light Disco’ slowed the set down, before closing with a crowd favourite. Set-closer ‘Smoke Signals’ was an utter hit, bringing the night to an end on a high note.

Self Talk is available for purchase and download here.  

Thumbnail image via Ben Knight Photography