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Wined Bar: Ultimate Tastings at the Wine Centre


Wined Bar: Ultimate Tastings at the Wine Centre

Fleur Brown-Beeby

I’m calling it. We should all be spending more time at the National Wine Centre. Not just for the next high-class function, but how about a long, stretched-out afternoon of tastings and tapas?

We’re South Australian, for goodness sake, so don’t try telling me your thoughts don’t come around to wine for a good proportion of your waking hours.

Why the National Wine Centre?

There are so many reasons, it’s almost a trick question.

Basically, my answer revolves around Wined Bar, and I spend a Thursday afternoon investigating it for you. It's a tough gig, to be sure.

Wined Bar has been open since 2014 with a generous tasting suite of 120 Australian wines to choose from at any one time. Yes you read that correctly: 120 wines. This is Australia’s largest tasting cellar.

Their amazing not-secret weapons are the Enomatic machines. These are temperature controlled and use inert gas preservation to slow oxidation. The bottles can be open for two weeks, staying gloriously preserved and fresh. It’s everybody’s dream.

Slotting a smartcard into the device, choose your wine and select your size: tasting, half or full glass. It’s a beautifully simple way to taste, as the Enomatics curve around the room from whites through to gentle pinots and hearty reds. Our tastes of the day include 2011 Montalto Chardonnay (Mornington Peninsula), 2015 Clonakilla Riesling (Canberra), 2015 Fox Gordon Fiano (Adelaide Hills), 2013 Henschke Giles Pinot Noir (Eden Valley), and 2014 Schwarz Wine Co Meta Grenache (Barossa).

Wine selection Enomatic

If you’re feeling premium you can even find yourself a Rockford Basket Press or a Grange.

As you would expect within a building designed around a rammed earth wall to look like a wine barrel, Wined is a unique space. The sleek steel dispensers are offset with striking rows of empty green wine bottles. You can’t exactly forget what you’re here for.

Good wine should always, of course, be accompanied by good food. I’m pleased to report that Wined nails this sentiment, with a beautiful selection of Polish-inspired dishes. Using local ingredients, the food is lovingly prepared by chef Judyta, from beetroot soup to Spencer Gulf prawns to duck breast with teff grain and black rice. The menu includes personal touches such as her handmade ricotta and kefir cheese.

beetroot soup

It’s a stylish venue, yes, so don’t wear your thongs, but the NWC staff don’t let us forget where this all comes from: these grapes are from our soil, subject to the conditions of each region, picked by our relatives, and turned into magic by our winemakers. It keeps things down to earth.

Find out more on their website.

Monday - Thursday 8am - 6pm

Friday - Sunday 9am - 9pm