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The Bennies Are Back In Oz, And It's Time To Party


The Bennies Are Back In Oz, And It's Time To Party

Harrison Schultz

After spending a bunch of time traversing across international destinations, The Bennies are back in Aus and ready to give us all an excuse to go crazy. With a bunch of shows set to be played around the country with special guests Clowns and Axe Girl, we got in touch with Anty (vocals) and had a chat!

Seriously guys, are you hiding the Doc’s DeLorean or something, you’ve played a hell of a lot of shows this year?! Any idea how many shows you’ve played this year?

Nah, just a shitload! haha

It must get pretty exhausting?

Yeah it does, burns the candle at both ends and that.

Any highlights so far this year?

So many, for millions of different reasons. Playing Groezrock Festival in Belgium was a massive moment for us.

Has anything totally insane or strange happened anywhere?

Yeah, constantly hilarious and strange shit is going down but it's hard to remember much 'cos we all get so caught up in the party whirlwind. I guess that's the downside to the party hahaha.

Via The Bennies Facebook

Via The Bennies Facebook

You guys put Wisdom Machine out earlier this year, how’s the fan reaction to that been?

Yeah, it seems to be going down really well. Especially playing some of the songs live, I'm excited about our tour in June and July 'cos we will be playing a lot more tunes off the album.

Do the levels of fan craziness vary between countries?

Yeah definitely. I think our fans in Australia have come to know what to expect... Whereas when we play overseas, we are kinda playing to people for the first time so they may be a little reluctant to cut sick…. but we try our best to flip the shit out of them.

Via The Bennies Facebook

Via The Bennies Facebook

If you guys could put on a show, unlimited budget, anywhere in the world, what would you do?

I was gonna say on the rings of Saturn, but you said in the world. We talked about doing a 4/20 show at Stonehenge… that'd be pretty mystical.

That would be insane! Cheers for your time, hope the shows go off without a hitch!

Thanks shitloads!!


You can catch The Bennies at The Gov on the July 1. For more event details, check out the Facebook event page or the Oztix page for tickets!