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Adelaide, SA, 5000

A Universe From Nothing


A Universe From Nothing

Harrison Schultz

This Wednesday June 1, the Adelaide Planetarium Supernovas will present Associate Professor Charles H. Lineweaver from Australian National University’s Planetary Science Institute, in an educational talk about 'trying to understand the role of vacuum (i.e. "nothing") in the origin of the universe’.

Associate Professor Charles H. Lineweaver is a man with an incredibly knowledgeable background, having been published in numerous papers, obtained several higher education degrees, has lived in or traveled through 72 countries. He has spoken 4 languages at one time or another, was a semi-professional soccer player in Germany and held the incredibly popular 'Are We Alone' course at the University of New South Wales. 

This will be a conversation sure to inspire, explain and create a will to learn. The event is also free of charge, so it is best advised to get down to Scott Theatre University Of Adelaide early to get a seat.

Where: Scott Theatre University Of Adelaide

When: 1st of June.

    N N. Price: Free 

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