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A Night In, Out At The Jade


A Night In, Out At The Jade

Madeleine Manglaras

Want a night out with friends on Saturday, without being scared to check your bank account on Sunday? The Jade Monkey are holding a movie night next weekend that doesn't cost a thing. Following last September's free screening of Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Jade are pulling out the fold-out chairs and buttering the popcorn so that you can have a fun and funds-friendly night in, out. 

While the choice of screening is a surprise, The Jade's 'hints' have been a dead giveaway. It's understandable why: not all surprise screenings are appreciated (no Dad, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra will never be a good video store choice). The clues? A reboot of the film with a female cast is soon to hit movie theatres, with the original film celebrating 32 years of being a much loved cult classic with a catchphrase few readers couldn't quote. 

Arrive early to secure a good spot before the screening at 7pm, and enjoy the retro vibe of The Jade's homemade cinema. Food and drinks will be available to buy on the night. 

Don't be a ghoul and miss the chance to strap on your Proton Pack with fellow spook crusaders, and view 'a specimen of celluloid magic' that will have you laughing until you bust.

Free Film Night At The Jade will be held on Saturday 14 May, from 7pm. The Jade Monkey is located at 142-160 Flinders Street, Adelaide. Find the Facebook event here.

The 1984 cult classic. You take a guess. Photo courtesy

The 1984 cult classic. You take a guess. Photo courtesy

Header image courtesy The Jade Monkey.