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Tomorrow Rising – Interview


Tomorrow Rising – Interview

Harrison Schultz

Adelaide 5-piece rock band Tomorrow Rising are set to drop their new single Effigy on the 19th of May (this Thursday) and it's safe to say we could not be anymore keen. To satisfy our excitement, we had a chat with Callum (vocals) and Steff (guitar) to get the low-down on what we can expect.

Ill get straight to the big question, hows the new single looking?

Callum: It’s good. It’s been in our arsenal for a little while now, but definitely a fresh sound for us. It sounds more like Wolves at Bay so we’re really looking forward to finally having some music out there that is an accurate representation of the band live, and ultimately us right now. We will let the general public decide the rest...

Steff: It’s looking good, it sounds like us currently, like Callum said, so I’m pretty happy with that. It’s short too so you have to listen to it twice!

What can we expect from Effigy?

Callum: Basically as I just said, it’s unlike our first two EPs. It’s a big, riffy song and a bit more stripped back too - something we thrive off playing live.

Steff: Thundering mountains of drop d riffage, frolicking along the fretboard. Yeah, it’s got a big sound. I always aim for that “tsunami of guitar” sound that is hard hitting and not too sloppy.

I can imagine its been super hectic lately, trying to get everything done?

Callum: It actually has been pretty busy. That’s the weird thing about being in a band. If you’re not gigging or posting constantly on social media, people assume you’re doing nothing. We’ve been trying to prepare this release the best we can for quite a while now. Everything musical just takes such a long time, but we got there in the end.

Steff: Surprisingly, we managed to get the song done in the studio in one day, which was wicked. Since then, I’ve been doing almost all of our artwork and behind the scenes press kit stuff this time, so I’ve been super busy with that whilst pairing up with Callum to get it all out there.

Can I be so bold to ask, what are the odds of us seeing a music video with the single? I wont lie, Ive had the Vanity video on repeat lately, apart from being a great song the videos pretty entertaining.

Callum: For sure. We haven’t really had many humorous videos since Vanity, so we would love to do another funny video.

Steff: I wouldn’t mind doing a video that involved something other than us playing our instruments. Maybe our instruments can play us…?

Onto gigs, what are the next shows you guys have planned?

Callum: We have a few shows on the horizon. We haven’t gigged in a while, as we’ve been focusing on this, so we are looking forward to smashing a few shows. There are a bunch of un-announced shows but until then, our single launch is @ THE EXETER, MAY 28TH, W/ YOUNG OFFENDERS & LARSEN (shameless plugging…)

Steff: Single Launch is the closest show, which will be interesting, as we haven’t played the Exeter beer garden before.

What have been the most exciting shows you guys have played?

Callum: A show’s excitement is determined by its ryder…
In saying that, Our Oasis launch was really exciting because there were a lot of people there for a show that we had put on ourselves and that was a real pleasant surprise. Supporting the bigger bands too, Short Stack, As It Is, Tired Lion, was real cool. It’s great being at a venue where we have watched some of our favourite bands, but being on stage [is even better].

Steff: We had a really good set at the ED Castle and also Rocket Bar last year. I judge shows by the feeling you get during and just after your set. The energy in a room is what makes or breaks a show to me. Since we are our own worst critics, it’s pretty easy to get negative about things that no one in the audience noticed.

If you could share a lineup with any bands in the world, who would be there?

Callum: Green Day or Oasis. They’re the reason I started playing music, and if they were still kicking, Queen.

Steff: Ok. disregarding genre and current status; Black Sabbath, RATM, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, Deftones, Biffy Clyro, Turbowolf, and Children Collide would be pretty fucking amazing.

Just imagining you guys playing along side any of those artists is an awesome thought! Cheers again for your time best of luck for the coming events.

Tomorrow Rising will be dropping their new single Effigy this Thursday, so keep an eye on their Facebook page and have your speakers ready for an absolute tune.

They'll also be tearing up the Exeter Hotel on the 28th of May, free up ya diary and get down there for a great night and support a local Radelaide band.