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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

La Sing (Your Heart Out)


La Sing (Your Heart Out)

Emma Ferraro

Truth be told, Gouger St's 'La Sing' Karaoke Bar is not what you'd call glamorous. Located somewhat inconspicuously next to a deli, its decor has got a grungy, dingy, slightly tacky vibe to it. This could be due to the flashy, coloured lights, and token disco ball. It could be the paintings of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe that are there for no apparent reason. Or it could be the selection of vodka Cruisers that you can still drink even though you're an adult now. Whatever the case, grungy, dingy, and tacky, is actually what makes La Sing sort of wonderful. 

Karaoke bars pretty much guarantee an eclectic mix of people, and La Sing is no exception. La Sing is for almost every occasion, and for almost everyone. It's for birthdays, for hens nights, and for late night drinks after dinner. It's for people who go as a joke, for lovers of the inimitable 80s' pop-rock era, for those who are mildly competitive when it comes to duets, and it's for people who have reached the end of their night, but don't want to go home just yet. 

La Sing has an impressively extensive music selection that stretches over several decades, and you'll be hard-pressed to choose just one song. How do you choose between Come On Eileen and Wannabe? How do you choose between Hello and Dancing In The Dark? It's a difficult decision, but luckily, you can request as many songs as you'd like.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), being a good singer isn't mandatory. With a little help from your friends (and alcohol), singing the lyrics quickly turns hollering the lyrics, but this just makes it even more fun. La Sing isn't pretentious, and there's no need to take your vocal abilities, or lack thereof, seriously. There's even a designated dance floor so you and your friends can dance the night away with your best and/or worst dance moves. 

It's best to pick a song that everyone knows, so you give everyone else the opportunity to sing and dance along. Go along with a group of friends, so that you not only have people to sing with, but so you have people to encourage you to get on stage and do your best melodramatic version of Total Eclipse Of The Heart. However, be warned: if the place is busy, it can take a while for your song to be played, so it's a good idea to get involved into what somebody else is singing, whether this be joining in, or getting on the dance floor. 

The staff are friendly and welcoming, the drinks are reasonably priced, and there's even a food menu, because who doesn't like a good late night plate of spring rolls? They're even liberal with the water, which proves to be a good thing when your throat inevitably starts to hurt from screaming along to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

Entry is free, and La Sing is open every day except Monday, from 8pm until the early hours. It's a fun, loud, night out. Bring your friends and family along (especially the ones who love to sing and have very little shame), and you'll find yourself having a great time for hours on end, or at least until you realise you physically can't sing anymore. 

Address: 261 Gouger St., Adelaide.

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Images via La Sing Facebook page.