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Taking Care Of Quizness


Taking Care Of Quizness

Caitlin Tait

If you’re a uni student, your weekly budget can get tight pretty quickly, and this time of semester every waking hour is sacred. But it’s V important to make sure you’re taking time out to relax, eat well, and see friends. Here’s the best way to do it that isn’t too restricting on your wallet.

Quiz nights.

Many pubs and bars host one on a weekly basis, and with it being free to enter and play, and whether or not you’re drinking on a school night – it’s a good way to catch up with your friends and forget about the books for an hour or two. And you can tell yourself that you’re using your brain. It’s basically studying.

You often have the chance to win prizes fit for royalty too, like free jugs, pub vouchers and an ego boost because of your pop culture knowledge.

Image via The Arkaba

Image via The Arkaba

If you’re local haunt is North Adelaide, The Curious Squire’s night starts at 7.30 every Tuesday. Conveniently, 'Student Tuesdays' run from 12-7pm with $10 James Squire beers. Good time to grab a drink and ease into the night. $15 James Squire jugs throughout the quiz, too.

 On Thursdays, The Goody’s ‘Pub Quiz’ starts at 7pm. They offer prizes and weekly ‘jillpots’. You can give them a call and book a table ahead of time to save the drama, too. 

Quiz Thursdays at Sportys Bar + Arena at The Arkaba start from 7pm, which gives you the perfect amount of time to grab a bite to eat before settling in to take your rightful first place.

We here at This Is Radelaide love a quiz night, drawing to The Austral on a Wednesday evening for some family bonding, and if you’re a student, download the PockitPal app and show your uni ID and you’re good to go with even cheaper drinks. Mosey on down Rundle Street by 7pm, and call ahead of time to book a table with your team name. Here's your chance to get creative.

If you’re in town on a Tuesday night and feeling inspired, Kent Town Hotel hosts theirs in the BabbleOn Beergarden, with registrations starting at 7pm, and kick off at 7.30.  Who could complain being around a groovy jungle theme for an evening?

On the 8th of June, The Duke of Leicester is hosting the third (and final) part of The Disney Quiz. Despite it being Disney themed, it’s an adults-only event, and you’re 100% recommended to dress up to the nines. Despite starting at 7.30, The Duke has suggested that you come as early as possible, due to their usual mid-year quizzes normally being filled by 6pm… So make that speed walk even speedier after work!

You’re sure to find something to suit everyone’s timetables, and in no time you’ll be making the trip to your new local on a weekly basis to reclaim the crown.

Header image via The Goody