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The Belligerents + Tiny Little Houses @ Rocket Bar


The Belligerents + Tiny Little Houses @ Rocket Bar

Kate Sansome

It’s not too often that you can pay $12 and get a double headliner show with a total of four amazing bands in return, but you better believe it that it happened on Thursday at Rocket. 

We were treated to some groovy tunes from The BelligerentsTiny Little HousesTali Mahoney and Ron The Ox. The Belligerents are currently touring nationally in celebration of their latest release Before, I Am, which is the first taste of their upcoming debut album, due to be released some time later this year. Tiny Little Houses also are currently undertaking their Milo Tin national tour after gaining significant attention following the release of their 2015 EP You Tore Out My Heart. 

The room started to fill for the first band of the night, Ron The Ox, who despite only playing their first live show a couple of months ago, delivered a cruisy, tight set as if they had been playing together for years.  The group was ‘born from the ashes’ of a couple of South Australian bands who had called it quits, including the cousins from The Sweet Decline. Ron The Ox delivered a set filled with garage rock goodness, drawing on 90s-2000s alternative rock with clear elements of their influences of Tom Petty and Ryan Adams seeping through. The group delivered athematic ballads filled with grungy guitars and husky, emotive vocals. The group played a brand new track called Here For A While which they shared would be coming off their upcoming EP which is due to be released sometime in the next couple of months. 

 Following Ron The Ox was a set from Tali Mahoney, a solo project from Melbourne gal, Tali Harding-Hone, who is a member of indie pop-rock group Biddlewood. Paired only with an electric guitar in her hand, Mahoney delivered a set bursting with punchy, smooth vocals combined with relatable lyrics about growing up, friends and boys. Her light-hearted and pop-driven songs were something you would expect to hear in soundtracks for British come-of-age films. Her cleverly written lyrics were featured on tracks such as Sangria, a song about a heat wave in Melbourne, Mexico, a song from the point of view of Veronica Mars, and If I’m Like This, a song about being shorter than everybody else and acceptance of her sarcastic personality.  

Rocket was completely packed out as soon as Tiny Little Houses came on stage, with the crowd immediately hooked as the group started to play the opening, dreamy riff of their latest single Milo Tin. The group brought their unique, lo-fi, fuzzy sound filled with folk melodies, entrancing vocals and raw melancholic lyrics. Despite that vocalist Caleb Karvountzis was fighting a cold, his haunting vocals carried the sheer timidness that really differentiates the group in the studio recordings of their tracks. The audience sang along to tracks such as You Tore My Heart Out and Soon We Won’t Exist, a track with lyrics that could easily evoke an existential crisis. They played their debut single, Every Man Knows His Plague; And You Are Mine, and were joined on stage by Tali Mahoney for their final track, Easy. 

Finally, The Belligerents came on stage and took us back to the 70s with vocalist, Lewis Stephenson sporting high-waisted, denim flared jeans. Immediately the night picked up speed, with the crowd ready to dance to The Belligerent’s psychedelic rock, with the addition of a giraffe plush toy being thrown around the dance floor. 

Everyone in the room had their eyes drawn to Stephenson‘s eccentric dance moves, as he jumped and grooved around the stage.  The Belligerent’s brought new tracks to the stage, which was a cool taste to the group’s upcoming debut album.  They played tracks off their 2015 EP Outside:Inside, featuring synth-heavy tracks, with fuzzy guitars and psychedelic breakdowns, as well as an old favourite, She Calls The Shots. It was evident that the group has developed and refined their sound over the past four years because the track did not seem to fit with their newer stuff, despite it still being a winner. At the end of their set, The Belligerents launched into their latest single, Before, I Am, which was a dreamy number that perfectly summarised their psychedelic set filled with bizarre dance moves and groovy numbers.  

The whole night was absolutely dreamy and showcased some of the best names in Australia's music scene.

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