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Matt Corby Telluric Tour


Matt Corby Telluric Tour

Alana Trezise

When one thinks of Matt Corby, often it is for his good looks, luscious locks and of course his ridiculously dreamy voice. Corby brought nothing less on Thursday night at the Thebarton Theatre and with it, a new soulful, jazz and bluesy sound.  

After releasing four EPs, Matt Corby's debut album Telluric is finally here. THANK THA LORD. I cannot control the excitement, it is literally busting out of me. (Admittedly while reading this you probably can't anticipate my actual excitement... but let me tell you, it's bloody ridiculous.) This is what we got to witness and you better believe that man has a voice. 

At 9.30pm on the dot, the lights dimmed and the crowd quickly became fixed on the dark stage. Matt and his five-piece band appeared and the crowd went a little Telluric wild. Beginning the night in typical Corby style... a solo intro to Belly Side Up with nothing but a few clicks along with the beat, Matt's band had soon enough joined in and the show was in full motion. 

I always love watching Matt, as it's such a different experience each time. Sure, I may be a little Corby crazy as this is my sixth time seeing the man live, but I must say that every time I've seen him, he's played a different set-list, with different variations of each song. If it's one thing Matt loves, it's a little riff over his own melodies. Throughout Belly Side Up he took the liberty to do a few different oohs and aaahs over the chorus and added in a flute solo, making for a magical start to the evening (yes, he plays the flute too. Who knew!).

Without a break, Matt followed straight on with one of his more popular tracks from the album - Knifes Edge. A genius track with the perfect crescendos and some absolutely catchy lyrics. It quickly became evident that Matt has some serious soul when he sings. He becomes one with his music, and you can tell that he is passionate about it. Not much talking is done throughout his performances - which could come down to a number of things - but it's kind of special that he lets the audience take in his music without a preconceived story. You can tell this is the way he expresses himself, and thank god he does because his musicianship is next level. 

Bringing it right down from Knifes EdgeDo You No Harm was brought in with another solo from Matt, backed by nothing but a singular golden backlight. Absolute brilliance. Matt has a way of drawing the crowd in with simple effects like lighting and a smokey ambience, 'cos his voice is just that damn good. 

Throughout the show, Matt continued to take the audience on an emotional roller-coaster, with crowd favourites Resolution and Brother bringing out the sing-a-longs, his acapella number Monday calming the room, and funky blues track Sooth Lady Wine getting everyone dancing

Finishing up with an oldie but a goodie, Matt brought the energy right back up with Souls A'Fire from his 'Into The Flame' EP, which (fun fact) was originally written before he played a tiny festival in Adelaide because he "didn't have enough up-beat tracks". Pretttty glad that one came about mate!

The show finished, and the crowd screamed his name. Matt came back on stage for an encore, playing one of the slower tracks from his new album, Wrong Man. Soon enough it was over, and we were wanting to do it all over again. 

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Images taken by Ben Neale