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54 Hyde St
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch? 303's Got Your Back.


Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch? 303's Got Your Back.

Harrison Schultz

It's no secret, the Western suburbs are spoiled for choice when it comes to cafes offering great coffee and food. Sure, it's good to have variety, but it always brings up the tough decision of where to go? Well, if you haven't tried 303 By The Sea, then consider the problem solved.

Located at 303 Seaview Road, stepping inside makes it easy to forget about the cooler weather that’s starting to set in. The building, previously used for a number of different purposes has gone through a few rough times, but 303 have given it the makeover the location seriously deserves.

From the food to the coffee, to the ‘anyone is welcome’ atmosphere, it’s difficult to decide where to start raving and then when to stop. So the best place to start would probably be at the source of all happiness, food.

Rocking a menu that packs an awesome variety of meals, 303 also have a great display cabinet that extends the menu, making sure just about everyone's dietary requirements can be met. If satisfying a hole in your stomach is your only game however, the 303 Breakfast will probably have you skipping lunch. 


303's beverage game is just as strong as their food, offering a great range of coffees, teas, iced drinks, smoothies, juices and even homemade sodas. It's hard not to order several different drinks at once. To top it off, their milk is supplied by Milk Lab and they've got just about every type you might want (the almond milk = 11/10).

Overall, you can guarantee that choosing 303 is gonna be a great decision... choosing what to get however will be the big decision.

One last thing, keep an eye on their Facebook page over the next few weeks for their new winter menu! Oh, and a big shout out to the amazing staff!


Where:  303 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach.

When:  Open 7.30am - 4pm daily