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Groovin The Moo Makes a Triumphant Return To Oakbank

Harrison Schultz

Returning for the third time since 2014 and boasting a lineup to froth over, the planets must have aligned for the #GTM2016 Oakbank event, because we may have just witnessed festival perfection.


Following last years 'Groovin In The Mud', it must have been an anxious wait for organisers to see if the weather would cooperate, but damn Autumn, it did not disappoint. As the sun made its ascent, we, along with a huge herd of Adelaidians made our decent into the Oakbank arena, ready to groove until we couldn't stand.

Kickstarting our day with a performance from Brizzy thrash band DZ Deathrays, there was nowhere to hide from the energy being projected everywhere, they threw it out hard and the crowd echoed it back. Just when you thought the crowd could go no louder, following Gina Works At Hearts, they busted out a cover of Blurs - Song 2, and it was safe to say no one's ears were going to be the same after. Whilst on the topic of covers, an honourable mention has to go out to British India, driving the crowd absolutely insane with a cover of Killing In The Name Of (btw, Bristish India will be touring soon, catch all the details here.)


As the day grew on so did the crowds and with so much variety in one festival, the scrambling between stages to see different acts become nearly as crazy as the mosh pits themselves. But at the height of the mosh craziness was Byron Bay Hardcore group, In Hearts Wake. With a circle pit being run out nearly the entire set as well as a wall of death thrown in for good measure, there was definitely going to be a few sore bodies the next day. Next up and keeping the rowdiness of the crowd but in a whole different style, What So Not had the crowd jumping and begging for more.

With the sun coming down the food trucks and bars became ever more appealing, festival goers were free to graze (#sorrynotsorry) the way they pleased. The Triple J and Channel V stages then went wild for the next few hours with Twenty One Pilots, the hottest 100 #1 of 2015 performers The Rubens, Danny Brown and Boy and Bear all putting on great performances. Meanwhile, Golden Features and Illy went big over on the Moolin Rouge stage (before you ask, yes there was way too much running between stages, the exhaustion was all too real).

Rounding out the day, US instrumental electronic rock duo Ratatat took to the Moolin Rouge stage and put on a show attracting everyone who had managed to stick out the day. Playing songs like Abrasive and Cream on Chrome, the pair really gave the festival one big last chance to get their groove on.


Was it a great day? You betcha. Are there still a few broken bodies two days after the festival? Yep. Would we get out there and do it again? Of course! Next year can't come fast enough!


All photos by Wade Whitington. To see more photos of GTM Oakbank, head here.