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Horror My Friend Tour Party: Adelaide


Horror My Friend Tour Party: Adelaide

Jordan Tito

In true Adelaide fashion, the streets were alive for the first Friday night of April with a load of great shows all on the same damn night. As the west-side of the city hosted food fanatics favourite Fork In The Road, the East end was buzzing with creatives who attended RAW Adelaide: SIGNATURE. Live music venues saw Green Buzzard at Rocket Bar, The Wasted Wanderers at The Grace Emily, Stabbitha & The Knifey Wifeys at The Metro, WAFIA at Fat Controller and Horror My Friend’s sold out album launch at Jive. 

After two months on the road delivering their incredible new album to our neighbouring states, as well as killing a national tour with local guys Grenadiers, the Horror My Friend boys held the final party in our beautiful hometown - full of their devoted fans who came decked in Stay In, Do Nothing shirts and beanies.  

Dilettantes (Photo by The AU Review & John Goodridge)

Dilettantes (Photo by The AU Review & John Goodridge)

Melodic punk/post hardcore guys Dilettantes were the perfect introduction for the night. Loud, energetic and giving away their music for free, it was disappointing there wasn't more of a crowd to watch their set. 

Three-piece outfit Battle Hounds rounded up the expanding crowd, with a great combination of grunge rock fuzz, growling vocals and foot tapping riffs. As my first experience watching them live, I was impressed by the intense hold that their music took over the crowd. Eyes were glued and bodies drew closer to the band who busted out bluesy solos and head-bopping tunes.

Next, hungry fans with beers in hand swarmed the room to greet Sincerely, Grizzly. Already under pressure for their first show without a bassist in 6 months, they experienced a whirlwind of technical issues. The disappointment and frustration read across vocalist and guitarist Josh Calligeros’ face, as he desperately tried to connect with drummer Rowan Mount who couldn’t hear a thing. Our hearts sunk in the audience as we watched and prayed that they could conquer the debacle, and they managed to slip out a few songs before falling down again. We love you guys, we're sorry you had to deal with that.

Horror My Friend (Photo by The AU Review & John Goodridge)

Horror My Friend (Photo by The AU Review & John Goodridge)

There's something so goddamn great about witnessing success for bands who deserve it. Horror My Friend consists of three of the most friendly, talented and hard-working guys to have ever walked Adelaide, and this show was what dreams were made of. 

Death Hill was the perfect opening song, as the army of music-loving Adelaidians grew wild with flailing arms and rough voices who sang along with Josh Battersby to the angst-filled power ballad. Playing the new record in full, as well as a few oldies, Horror My Friend's 10 track album is a concoction of fuzz, head-nodding tunes with lyrics that tell of stories we've all experienced; stories that reach in, grab and tear out our heart strings. With jangly guitar riffs and shoegaze anthems, heads banged along to singles Mazes, Echoes, and everyones favourite ~ do nothing, do nothing, do nothing cluuuuuub ~ track Stay In. 

In their signature style of juggling multiple instruments, Tom Gordon and Josh swapped, with Tom leading in with emo-grunge Title Fight vibin' track, PB Remains. The interesting dynamic between Josh and Tom is brilliant, as their voices are both strikingly similar yet sprinkled with their individual flare. Paired with Sam Kolesnik who never misses a beat, the front runners each bring their own shade of light and dark to songs. Tom, continuing with the darker and heavier tracks, debuted Same Minds to sweat laced faces and drenched shirts. The colourful walls of Jive echoed with demand for an encore, and the boys finished their successful night with an oldie, A Million Hands.

Congrats guys, you truly deserve it.

Header image via Lewis Brideson.
Article images courtesy of The AU Review & John Goodridge.