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Exhibition Alert x2: Little Boxes | The Flaming ‘O’


Exhibition Alert x2: Little Boxes | The Flaming ‘O’

Rachel Darling

Attention all Adelaide local art enthusiasts and seekers – this Thursday 21st April our innovative city streets will be holding not one but TWO art exhibition opening events. Deets are as follows:

LITTLE BOXES, a collaborative exhibition to be held at The Adelaide Town Hall, will bring together the work of nine artists to present the idea of ‘house and home.’ With the motto to ‘engage with the spaces in which we live’ each artist has used their own preferred medium to both capture and challenge this concept. This combined show will present the work of artists Timothy Dell, Margaret Lloyd, Kirsty Martinsen, Sue Michael, Tara O’Conal, Tom Parbs, Fiona Roberts, Maria Salomonsen and Lise Temple and will be curated by Joanna Kitto and Eleanor Scicchitano of Country Arts SA.

OPENING: 5.30 - 7.30pm, Thurs 21 April Adelaide Town Hall

SPEAKER: Simon Tothill, Woods Bagot

EXHIBITION DATES: Thurs 14 April - Fri 3 June


On the very same day, Art Pod, Adelaide’s 24/7 gallery, will be presenting a show of the quirkier kind with The Flaming ‘O’, an exhibition by local artist Kasper Shmidt Mumm. Sure to turn the gallery into a space of wide-eyed wonder and glittering curiosity, ‘The Flaming 'O' is an exhibition based on a narrative written by the artist while living in Berlin.

Image supplied by Art Pod

Image supplied by Art Pod

‘The exhibition was about the crossing over of writing as concept and words as objects or form,’ says Shmidt Mumm, ‘poems as concepts for paintings and paintings as concepts for poems. All themed under the most important part of their communication - the enthusiasm and gesture of expression.’

The Flaming ‘O’ has been a long time coming, with the concept for the piece starting to formulate as early as 2012, when Shmidt Mumm was in Berlin.

‘I’ve had about 3 months to really put it together,’ he says of his final work.

Not just a form of visual art, The Flaming 'O' will be a small performance with music resulting in an installation that will stay open for a few weeks.

‘Colourful absurdity at its finest!’ Shmidt Mumm muses, ‘Psychedelic. Folk. Flamingo Tit Juice. Pink Goo. Diamonds-Circles-Diamonds-Circles. Aleister Crowley. Wham. Bam. Splodge.’

Aptly summed up straight from the artist’s mouth, this show promises to be a wham-bam-spoldge event that no art enthusiast would want to miss!

PERFORMANCE: 4.30 - 5.30 Thurs 21 April Art Pod

Featuring live music by Ben Sargent, Adrian Schmidt Mumm & Dillon Mueller.

Cover image supplied by Kasper Shmidt Mumm