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Interview: The Belligerents


Interview: The Belligerents

Kate Sansome

This Is Radelaide recently got the chance to chat with Brisbane's indie psych-rock group The Belligerents ahead of their upcoming show at Rocket Bar next week.  Since winning a spot to play Parklife back in 2012, the group have spent the past four years touring with the likes of San Cisco, Last Dinosaurs and Neon India.  They are currently embarking on their own headlining tour, in celebration of their latest single, Before I Am The track is the first taste of The Belligerents' highly anticipated debut album, which is set to be released later this year.  The group will be hitting the stage at Rocket on April 28th, with a co-headline show with Tiny Little Houses, a part of their Milo Tin tour and supports from Tali Mahoney and Ron The Ox

For those just discovering your music, can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how The Belligerents came about?
We're a five piece classic rock ensemble from Brisbane. We got together six years ago through our mutual love of each other's sisters.

In your own words, how would you describe your sound?
New-Wave Alternative Psychedelic Rock with Krautrock influences? 

How has life been since the release of your 2015 EP, 'Outside:Inside'?
It's been really good! We did a big headline tour at the end of last year and we've been playing a bunch of festivals here and there. It's been great to have people at the shows that know all the new songs, always makes it more fun. 

Image via The Belligerents

Image via The Belligerents

You recently released your single, ‘Before, I Am’, can you tell us about the track and how it came together?
The track was originally written by Lowis on acoustic guitar and later fleshed out by the rest of the band. I feel like this song is one of those tracks that really came together in the studio though, it turned out much better than any of us had anticipated going into recording.

I really love the cover art for Before, I Am, can you tell us a bit about the design?
How awesome is it? It was done by a graphic designer/collage artist who goes under the name of 'Ventral Is Golden' from the UK. Check out his other stuff, it's absolutely amazing.

You announced that you’ll be releasing your debut album later this year, what can we expect from the album?
It feels cliché to say this, but its way better than anything that we've done before. The songwriting is better, the production is better and overall it was the first time that everybody in the band was 100% on the same page during the recording process. We all knew what we wanted and I think it's really going to show.

How has the writing process been and has it varied from writing for your previous EPs?
Lowis does most of the writing and I don't think his process has changed at all, he's just continuously getting better at writing songs! He generally will just make a basic demo for a song and then send it to the rest of us. We'll start rehearsing it with all of us, the song will change a fair bit and in the end it'll sound like a Belligerents song.

Do you feel like you guys have a better grasp on the bands identity and direction for the band?
Absolutely. I think the last few years were really important for us in the sense that we figured out what we wanted to do with the band and what we definitely didn't want to do. For a long time there it seemed like we weren't really sure where we were going with the music that we were making or what we were trying to achieve. Now that everybody is on the same page we're essentially just playing music that all of us are really into and it's given us a much stronger sense of identity. 

Finally, what can fans expect from your upcoming tour?
New songs, new light show and lots of new sounds!

You can catch The Belligerents at Rocket Bar on April 28th, more details here.

Header Image via The Belligerents