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Music Palooza's Adelaide Record Fair


Music Palooza's Adelaide Record Fair

Madeleine Manglaras

Hey, you with the earphones attached to your iPhone 6, quit listening to pop music because you're miserable, or being miserable because you listen to pop music (we all like us a bit of J-Biebs - no shame in it), and get your hands on something that John Cusack could ignore, with Music Palooza.

Held from 9am to 5pm on Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3 at the Prospect Town Hall, Music Palooza has put the needle on another year of mayhem for the music lovers of Adelaide with a huge record, CD, DVD and merch fair.

Sellers Revolve Records, The Vinyl Junkie and Underground Records have been working hard at buying up big these last few months in order to bring an incredible selection of records to Adelaide; from long lost gems and golden oldies, to best-sellers and new releases. Hosting Australia-wide sellers means that even diehard collectors used to traveling interstate for such raritys can have the goodies brought to them!

As independent music stores become few and far between, music buyers are relying increasingly on ordering music online, although it's not always good quality, or, with rising shipping costs, affordable. Music Palooza celebrates and encourages the old school way of selling and buying records: one-on-ones with sellers that give personal recommendations, allow unrushed deliberation, and offer better customer service than this guy:

Showcasing music from all genres and decades - from the psychedelic sixies to ninties grunge -  you're sure to find your new top record (or your new top five) at Music Palooza. Whether you're an obsessive collector who categorises their records in autobiographical order, a rare release enthusiast, or just someone looking for a new track for their Special Monday Morning Mixtape, everyone is welcome to flip through the huge volumes of new and retro collectibles. Whether it's pre-loved or just un-loved, out-of-print or out-of-this-world, Music Palooza's mission is to bring their love of music collecting to the masses.

'In a digital age, some of us still want things we can hold onto, rather than download.'

Take that, Pirate Bay.

Music Palooza's Adelaide Record Fair will run this weekend on Saturday 2 April and Sunday 3 April, from 9am-5pm at Prospect Town Hall. Find the Facebook event here.

Header image via Music Palooza.