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Review: Hey Presto! #adlfringe


Review: Hey Presto! #adlfringe

Jason Katsaras

High alert people, it's the last week of Fringe! With this sad truth in mind, many shows are taking their last bow, one being the widely acclaimed 'Hey Presto!' play, written by Anne-Marie Mykyta and directed by Sean Watters.

Hey Presto is a post modern fairy-tale, at once both intimate and outgoing. This is a show for anyone who has ever grappled with the crazy outgoing person within all of us, who have ever wanted to run when they should walk, scream whilst they should whisper. At what point should one let go? When should one forgive? Come along and meet your clown, they have missed you.
— Adelaide Fringe Guide

The narrative of the play follows a recently separated couple engaging in a local clowning class. Through this plot device, the couple are seen to emotionally reconnect and squabble. As a cast of just 3, all actors in this performance were remarkable.

The role of the clowning school curator, played by Simon Lancing, was both critical to the story and engaging. The curator's antics provided an often well-needed break from the brilliantly executed bickering between Julian Jaensch and Jennifer Speake, who played the separated couple.

Powerful, emotional and beautiful in its simplicity, 'Hey Presto!' even had us feeling uncomfortable, as though we were in fact present for the play's events in reality, demonstrating the brilliant authenticity of all involved.

Rating: 4.5/5


Thumbnail via 'Hey Presto!'