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Interview: Hightime


Interview: Hightime

Madeleine Manglaras

If anyone can mix and match genre it's Adelaide band Hightime. From their debut album in 2011, Ishi Prende, to their 2015 release, Mother Crab, Hightime's been melting down the boundaries of punk rock, with reggae and hard-core fusions, fiery, passion-filled performances, and their talent for making the unpairable go together like a mosh and crowd surfing. We spoke with guitarist Reuben about the mayhem that follows The Bennies and how Adelaide crowds are the best in the world.

You're currently on tour with The Bennies. What's it like supporting for them and what's been the highlight of the tour so far?
We've been playing shows with The Bennies for more than five years now so we're no strangers to the mayhem. They're one of the few bands we've met that can party harder than us nearly every night of tour. So far we've only played one show on this tour and it ended with heading to watch Anty do a DJ set in some club we stayed in 'til some ungodly hour. Today is already shaping up to be a fun one and the show hasn't even started yet. The roof top hangs are in full force!

You're at the Adelaide Uni Bar on 31 March. What's different about performing for your home crowd?
Adelaide just has the best crew in the world, I swear. We generally know half the people in the crowd so it just ends up a huge hang out every time. Adelaide kids tend to be a bit more active in the crowd as well so it's easier to have a good time on stage with people crowd surfing and what not.

Hightime has a worldly sound and you list a number of genre and artisit influences. Do you share a similar taste in music of do you each bring something different to the table?
Each of us are quite different in our tastes, but similar in the fact we're willing to give anything a try and can appreciate any genre if it's done well. We're strongly united in our love for 90s skate punk, and we all dig reggae and world music. Maybe Jay listens to more dance, Nina more acoustic, Dave.... I have no idea to be honest! But we love hearing things in different genres and wondering how we can bring that into our own music.

Which Australian artist or group would you like to collaborate with and why?
Definitely Harry Angus from the Cat Empire. I'd love to get that dude in with Hightime for a little while so we can make some crazy outlandish world punk that's never been done!

What do you guys get up to when you're not making music or playing gigs?
Other than our jobs, we're all pretty damn social so we more or less see each other out at gigs and hang with friends. I'm a real lover of the out doors so any given day you're likely to find me going for a hike or swimming at the beach - Jay's a total beach baby too. Dave is a bit busy raising his kid these days. Cooper is his name! Cutest thing to ever exist.

What's the rest of 2016 looking like for Hightime?
We've got a real hectic year ahead of us. We're still on tour with The Bennies and while I'm in the van traveling I'm sending emails to bands and venues teeing up our July tour - this article should be the first public mention of it! So if you're in the east coast or Adelaide keep an eye out as we'll be announcing a rad tour as soon as we're finished with this one. Then we'll no doubt squeeze another one in asap!

Hightime performing an impromptu acoustic version of 'Turn It Around', from their latest release Mother Crab

Hightime is supporting The Bennies at Adelaide Uni Bar tonight. Get tickets here.

Listen to their music on Bandcamp or visit their Facebook

Header image via Chanty Media. Video via Extended Family