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Adelaide, SA, 5000

The HandleBar Rides Around Radelaide


The HandleBar Rides Around Radelaide

Harrison Schultz

Yep, seriously there’s a new bar in town, and its location is pretty much anywhere you want it to be. Originating in Amsterdam, The HandleBar is Adelaide’s and Australia’s only “pedal powered pub”. There’s literally no better way to describe it. Booking a two-hour ride for a max of sixteen people, you and your mates pre-stock the bar up with four drinks max per person (trust us, it’s all you need when you’re riding between other pubs and grabbing drinks there). Drinks available include a decent group of crafty beers and not so crafty beers (for the craft lovers, they’ve got a few Pirate Life brews), Joyson Wilbur J’s Cider and a bunch of great South Australian wines. From there you choose your first destination and start cycling.

Source: Harrison Schultz

Source: Harrison Schultz

Tip no.1: Have a few destinations to ride to in mind before you begin, you don’t want to cycle around half of Adelaide and polish off The HandleBar before you reach your first stop.

Our first leg of the trip was to The Taxpayer, pretty close by to the start line and a great place to get it all started.

Tip no. 2: A shot of Coffee Patron from the first place you go is a great idea, you’ll be the Lance Armstrong of cycling, or is that a bad idea? 

Tip no. 3: There’s no bad ideas besides getting off The HandleBar whilst its moving.

After this we chose destinations a few at random but ended up with a pretty great tour of the CBD. Sidenote, Saracens Head Hotel made for a great second stop, stocking pretty much everything under the sun.

If for some reason you need more reasons to get on board The HandleBar, then you’re in luck:

You could use it as a team building exercise for a work place or sporting team.

 Riding totally counts as more exercise than walking (even if it’s a 16 person effort, right?)

 If you’re an Instagram 'fiend', there’s probably a good chance you’ll get a great selfie.

 You get to have a great night out drinking.

 You’re basically riding a gigantic table around Radelaide with a bunch of legends (potentially minus, see below point).

  There’s also a sound system on board which can be controlled by whoever is sitting closest to the front and as long as it’s not your friend who lives for Flo Rida and Pitbull on repeat

Overall, and on a serious note, this is an experience that is totally worth jumping on board, Adelaide being boring is easily a thing of the past.

Final tip: The Cumby is walking distance from the finish line so if you don’t want to cab it or walk to Hindley/Rundle, keep it in mind.

Bookings can be made right here and The HandleBars Facebook can always be checked out if you still need further persuasion.