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Kaleidoscope Dreams With Adelaide Psych Rock Gurus Jungle City


Kaleidoscope Dreams With Adelaide Psych Rock Gurus Jungle City

Jessi Lou

Photo via Elliott Clarke Photography   

Photo via Elliott Clarke Photography

Fans of Psych Rock are pretty spoilt for choice in Adelaide, with so many new psychedelic, dream pop and stoner rock bands popping up around town, in addition to the adored bands of Adelaide who have been keeping it real for years.

There is only one Jungle City though, and if you’ve seen them live, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Like many hidden gems in our city, this explosive three piece is certainly one of the cities best kept secrets, but certainly not for long – now we have to start sharing them with interstaters and then eventually the world, since anyone who has seen them understand these boys are destined for stardom.

In the last 6 months particularly Jungle City have gained huge momentum and are constantly attracting new followers. When these boys jump on stage, a complete change of atmosphere takes place and everyone in the room knows that they’re witnessing some true, yet unexplainable talent. With jams so damn catchy, you only need to hear their songs once and you’ll be singing it in your head for the rest of the week.... You’ve caught the Jungle City bug!

We sat down with Kaileb, and brothers Luke and Brenton - the three long haired, tie dye wearing, sweat leaf loving musicians to chat about their recent time over there and what else we can expect from them in 2016.

Left to Right: Luke (Drums), Brenton (Guitar, Vocals), Kaileb (Bass, Backing Vocals). Photo sourced via Jungle City.  

Left to Right: Luke (Drums), Brenton (Guitar, Vocals), Kaileb (Bass, Backing Vocals). Photo sourced via Jungle City.

After recently returning from Sydney, where you performed a few shows across the city, following your massively successful headline show at Rocket Bar earlier this month... Can you tell us how your shows went? Any particular high lights or low lights?

Kaileb: Rocket Bar is always a blast, and that was a fun way to kick off the tour!

Luke: We had an unbelievable time in Sydney, which started horribly with our group being put out on the street by our hostel because we didn’t have passports of all things! Luckily we met some beautiful people who helped us out and we didn’t have to end up sleeping on the street. 

Kaileb: Our Sydney shows were great because each one was so different from the next. Playing a hotel with a basketball hoop, a vintage style barber shop decked out with skateboards, and a pizza joint with a sweet stage and a wall of pinball machines, it's hard not to be a good time!

Brenton: Saturday night at the Cult Club hosted at Hair by Tommy J was by far and away the best show of the weekend.  That was the vintage barber shop gig, it was seriously amazing. All of the Hair by Tommy J and Cult Club crew were incredible people who looked after us super well.  We can’t thank them enough. Huge thanks to Bob Gale for jamming on saxophone with us, it was a dream to hear some sax in the band.

Jungle City put on one of the most energetic and polished live shows in Adelaide and seem to pick up new fans after every show. What do you think makes a good live performance?

Kaileb: The energy you put out on stage is what you'll get back from the audience, so usually, if you're having a good time they are going to as well! Also, if you slip up and recover well, that mistake can be turned into a highlight!

Brenton: For me a good live performance comes from energy, attitude and just that, performance.  Of course playing well is important but that goes without saying.  It’s not enough for a band to simply stand there and play their instruments.  I want to be entertained, see some theatrics to make the night exciting and memorable.  I love bands who are passionate and tight but feel like they could fall apart at any moment - that is the line we are trying to walk, tightly loose.

Luke: We have a thing which we call the deaf test, if someone who was deaf came to one of our shows would they still get something out of it?  Movement, grooves, lighting, stage set up, audience interaction and trying to make a connection to those in the room, before/ during and after the show is really important.

We hear that you might have a new video to drop soon. Where did the concept for the video come from and when we can expect its debut?

Luke: We have a new clip coming out for our song F# Dog within the next week!  When we first all sat down with our director it was apparent we were all the on the same page with the general concept of the clip. From that point it was all about brainstorming the specifics. 

Kaileb: Like everything we do it was all DIY. We made costumes and had a lot of fun shooting at several awesome locations! It was born from an idea about a kaleidoscope world, and I'm not saying any more than that because I want to leave it open to interpretation!

Overall, it looks like 2016 is going to be a big year for you guys, I know many people are eagerly awaiting the release of some new music. What can we expect to see from Jungle City in the near future?

Kaileb: We are recording our third album which is going to be our best release yet, and we look forward to taking it to the people of Australia! We also want to add a more personal touch to each of our shows, creating a unique experience for our fans. As long as there's people willing to ride the vibe, we'll be more than happy to provide it! 

Brenton: The new album will feature our strongest songs to date and we can’t wait to release it, which will happen around mid-year with a big launch in town followed by our first big East Coast tour.  We’ll be putting out a number of singles and new clips in the meantime.  We’re looking to get some bigger support slots and hosting more of our own shows in town. In all we are very excited about what’s to come in 2016.

Jungle City are on Facebook and Instagram: @junglecitymusic. You can also listen to their second record, Jungle City II here


Photo via Elliott Clarke Photography  

Photo via Elliott Clarke Photography