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INTERVIEW: Wasted Wanderers


INTERVIEW: Wasted Wanderers

Jessi Lou

It's still mayhem in Adelaide with so much to see and do this month, but for the music lovers, excitement levels have reached an all new high with WOMADelaide this weekend; four days of culture, dancing and world music in the beautiful Botanic Park. Home grown Wasted Wanderers graced the stage yesterday, swooning the audience with their folky, acoustic tunes. With so much achieved in 2015 we knew we needed to sit down with lead vocalist Dusty Lee to chat about the bands future plans before they become world famous.

L to R: Benny Morris, Matt Birkin, Dusty Lee. via Wasted Wanderers   

L to R: Benny Morris, Matt Birkin, Dusty Lee. via Wasted Wanderers

2015 was a big year for you guys, we saw the release of your first EP ‘Goddamn Anything’, a couple of nominations for the South Australian Music Awards, some interstate shows, and you finished the year playing in Elder Park for NYE. How are you planning to top that in 2016?  

The recognition we've received here has been wonderful and much appreciated. I guess this year is about trying to gain the same opportunities on a national level, then next year on an international level. I'd love to go play some shows interstate and have fans there who already know our music, that's what I want to build towards for these next releases. Hopefully the year will bring in more Festival opportunities as well. WOMAD is a good start!

How were the excitement levels in the band, knowing you’d be performing at WOMAD yesterday?

We were getting keen! I guess we were all just making sure we had everything really well organised, so there was no unwanted surprises popping up on the day. Plus, the other day we were meant to play Clipsal 500 and the gig got pulled last minute which was a shame, but also proved that anything can happen. So I guess the gravity of playing WOMAD didn't really hit until we were actually up on that stage making noise. Then the drinks and hugs that followed.

You recently just signed management duties over to Little Acorn Music, how is that going so far and what do you hope to achieve with Little Acorn?

It's going great, Sian is a gem and is handling everything very well. We can be an unusual and sometimes difficult bunch of people to work with, so we've put her to the test on a few things but she's nailed it, fits like a glove. We plan on releasing a new single around June ahead of a new EP that should come out later in the year. As well as a couple of east coast/national tours and some festivals. It sounds like we're all gonna be in a van together for a few weeks at some point which should be fun!

What is the bands song writing process? Is it a collaborative affair, or is there one member in the band who usually takes the reigns here for example?

Yeah much of our new stuff is quite collaborative. So far heaps of it has come from a song I've already written, or a riff idea I've come up with, but of recent there's been song ideas coming in from Benny and Matty jumping in on arrangement ideas. It's cool. Instead of writing a whole song now I'll leave it as bare bones then take it to the rehearsal room so we can finish it together. 'Ballad of a Wasted Wanderer' off our EP was the first proper collab that Benny and I did on a Wasted Wanderers track. The next single we're to release 'In Your Fire' comes from a riff that Benny wrote, and the chorus line I think as well. So it's all very collaborative now.

Where are the bands favourite venues to play in Adelaide and why?

Grace Emily, because we formed there and it's just the best. Great sound, easy room to fill, no dickheads.

Jive, because it's a great venue to aspire to for a bigger show. Tam who runs it is a champ and has supported us on a few shows there now. Great sound, good people again.

There are plenty of other venues I like for other styles or other projects I'm involved with but for Wanderers, these two are our favourites and we'll remain loyal to them.

If Wasted Wanderers could play a line up with any three Australian Artists of your choice, who would they be?

Marlon Williams and the Yarra Benders, Holy Holy and after seeing them the other night, The Black Sorrows, because we missed out on opening for them due to the weather! I'm not sure our styles would suit, but I'd love to play a show with Tame Impala, I mean, they're the best right now!

For RADL readers interested in catching Wasted Wanderers in the near future, the band will be kicking off April with a month long residency at The Grace Emily, every Friday with some of their favourite local artists as their guests. Details will be out soon on the bands Facebook Page.