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Introducing: Antoni M


Introducing: Antoni M

Kate Sansome

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Antoni Martino from Adelaide, has spent the last eighteen months furthering his solo musical career, originally under the name of ‘#ANFO’ but now known as Antoni M.  In that time he has played music festivals, community events and featured on national radio, all while gaining thousands of views for his official music videos.

Image via Micky Pap Photography

Image via Micky Pap Photography

Coming from a family of musicians, Antoni M shares that he has spent the past decade eagerly writing music and performing in various bands. Unfortunately, he never seemed to find band mates with the same passion and drive to take their music career further and decided to follow the lead of one his influences, Ed Sheeran and launch his solo career.   Antoni M has found writing music as a way to communicate with other people and ‘giving people a voice.’  He says, ‘Music is about expressing yourself and your emotions. I really want people to feel my music when they listen to it and be able to relate or inspire the listeners in their lives.’  He shared that he enjoys writing music that draws on inspiration from aspects of his personal life that explores complex themes with deep meaning behind them.

Bursting onto the Adelaide music scene, Antoni M has played multiple pubs and clubs around Adelaide over the past year.  He has been featured on local radio stations, including 5 Triple Z and selected as one of Nova’s ‘New Artist’ during last year.   Recently, Antoni M has been a part of the pre-game entertainment for Adelaide Bites Baseball team.  He has also supported seriously ill children by playing at charity event, ‘Flotilla For Kids’ to raise money for Little Heroes Foundation.  In late 2015, he got an amazing opportunity to play Scorcher Fest at Adelaide’s The Producers Hotel.  After an impressive live show, Antoni M will be returning to play the Adelaide’s 2016 Scorcher Fest date on the 29th May at the Grace Emily Hotel.

Antoni M performing at a charity event for Little Heroes Foundation

Antoni M performing at a charity event for Little Heroes Foundation

It is obvious that Antoni M has some varied musical influences, sharing his love for Australian indie rock group, Birds of Tokyo, American hardcore band, Rise Against, acoustic folk artists like Ed Sheeran and then iconic hip hop artists like, Eminem.   It is clear that his diverse music taste has shaped his unique musical style, with his two latest singles embedding pop, rock and folk.  His official debut single, Another Notch quickly gained 10,000 for its accompanying music video on YouTube.  He shared that the track is about, ‘the heart ache of being mistreated by the opposite sex and being constantly heart broken, but showing that no matter how badly someone treats you, that you can always find someone better.’    He is soon to release his follow up track, The Long Road To Nowhere which is written about the struggles in life and trying to get ahead when it feels like you are going backwards. 

Antoni M believes that, ‘music has the power to inspire, change, uplift and take you on a journey into your soul.’   The unsigned artist hopes to one day be signed by a record label to help further his career.  Despite being unsigned, it is obvious that he has a strong passion for music which perfectly complements his talent and dedication to music, which is surely going to take him places. Antoni M would like to give credit to  Michael Lipapis of Micky Pap Photography, Oliver Scott of Fr3shnation Studios and a special thanks to Amie Ward and Alexia Frangos.

Take a listen to his latest track The Long Road To Nowhere below, which is also available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Google Play.



Catch Antoni M when he plays Scorcher Fest at the Grace Emily Hotel on May 29th.  For tickets and more information, click here.

You can find Antoni M on:
Triple J Unearthed

Header image via Micky Pap Photography